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Entrepreneur Gears Up for 2022 IFA Convention

The convention begins February 25 at the San Diego Convention Center.


Entrepreneur Magazine is proud to be a sponsor of the 62nd annual Convention, which begins later this month on Friday, February 25 and concludes on Tuesday, March 1. This year's event marks the first time in three years that a national or international IFA meeting will be taking place in person — as the past two years dictated virtual attendance only. As many as 4,000 attendees are expected to descend on , where the five-day event is scheduled to take place at the San Diego Convention Center, located in the picturesque Marina District.

New leadership and new direction

The (IFA) is under the new leadership of President Matthew Haller, a 10-year veteran of the organization. A staunch advocate, Haller is responsible for enhancing the group's lobbying coalition and making sure the trade industry group's voice was well-represented and heard as it pertained to pandemic relief efforts.

"As this year's IFA Convention approaches, we have a new and inspired message to share — that the franchising industry is open for opportunity," Haller says. "As the pandemic recedes and the full spectrum of and commerce is unleashed, the IFA has a new mission to connect with entrepreneurs at the local level — right in their own communities. This is where the backbone of America's small business resides, and we will be imparting our convention attendees to "go home and get loud' about the growth and possibilities for the franchising industry."

Entrepreneur Media's partnership

Entrepreneur Magazine, owner of the prestigious "Franchise 500" rankings, is one of 60 different presenting sponsors of the 2022 IFA Convention. As franchising's largest trade industry group, the IFA has rededicated itself to focusing on partnerships that align successful brands and businesses.

"Our approach to partnerships is much more pragmatic than in the past," Haller says. "We simply have to meet more people where they are and spread our message of openness and opportunity. As we plan for the future, we've found that time is what matters the most – to the entrepreneurs that will make up the next generation of franchise owners, time is an irreplaceable resource. And we want to make sure the amount we have to work with is used wisely."

2022 IFA convention highlights

The 2022 IFA Convention will include a couple of special guest speakers, including former NBA All-Star Shaquille O'Neal and Vernice "FlyGirl" Armour, the first black female combat pilot in the U.S. Armed Forces. O'Neal will be speaking on the power of — something he knows quite a bit about from his experience as a multi-unit owner of five different franchise brands. Armour will be spreading a message of diversity and how the inclusion of leaders from diverse backgrounds can be a positive contribution to a new generation of business leaders.

Entrepreneur Media's franchising division has a mission to educate, recruit, train and help maintain the next generation of franchise owners in the United States. Through its participation in multiple meetings and panels throughout the convention, the group intends to shore up the IFA President's message that the franchising industry is indeed "open for opportunity."

To register for the 2022 IFA Convention, simply follow this link. A full agenda of the five-day event can be found on the IFA's 2022 Convention's landing page.

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