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AURA Devices Go Beyond Counting Calories and Steps to Help You Get Healthy

Using bioimpedance technology, these fitness tools give you a bigger picture.

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Fitness trackers like the Apple Watch and Fitbit have overhauled the way we exercise and reach our fitness goals. But counting calories and steps is just one aspect of measuring a healthy lifestyle. AURA devices let you go above and beyond by using bioimpedance analysis. This technology presents what some say is a better way to understand how your body changes throughout the day. Bioimpedance uses body composition analysis to break your body into four components: fat, muscle mass, minerals, and body water. Through this new paradigm, you get a much more significant idea of how your body is really working throughout the day.

Bioimpedance is the tech behind two Aura devices, the AURA Strap and AURA Band.

AURA Devices

AURA Strap

The AURA Strap is an add-on to your Apple Watch to make it the ultimate fitness tool. Syncing with the AURA app, you can track your hydration levels throughout your day, and your fat and muscle mass after workouts. That way, you’ll always properly hydrate when needed and have a better idea of how successful your routine is. The strap works for up to six months on a coin battery and is water resistant down to 50 meters underwater.

AURA Devices


AURA Band can replace your fitness tracker entirely. With bioimpedance technology that measures your body composition, activity, and heart rate, it provides a more comprehensive overview of your physical activity and helps you perform better. You can track changes in your heart rate, fitness, and sleep schedule over time and integrate with existing fitness apps like Apple Healthkit, Google Fit, Strava, or MyFitnessPal. Make day-by-day measurements and visualize your progress over time.