Starting a Business - Page: 565

First Line Of Financing

Our Finance Expert explains the difference between equity and debt financing.

David Newton

Only The Lonely

Miss your co-workers? We'll help you get over those work-at-home blues.

Azriela Jaffe

Divided We Stand

How important are financial ratios in a financial proposal?

George M. Dawson

Two Tickets To Paradise

Start your own adventure/specialty travel agency.

Scott S. Smith

Pick A Pro, Any Pro

Browse the credentials of the experts to find the answers you need.

Ladies First

So it's said. But women are still debating ways to battle the old boy network.

Secret To My Financing

Entrepreneurs share how they got their start-up funds

Jacquelyn Lynn

We Are the World

Think only gigantic corporations can take part in the global village? Not so. Even for homebased entrepreneurs, international markets are only a click away.

Moira Allen

Around the World

Thinking about taking your product overseas? Our Shoestring Start-Up Expert gives you a few tips about exporting on a budget.

First Steps

Our Invention Marketing Expert explains how to follow through with that bright idea by using this simple plan.

Andy Gibbs

Where the Funds Are

Billions--yes, billions--of dollars are available throughout the country for start-up ventures. The trick is knowing where to look . . .

Paul DeCeglie

E-Commerce Expert Mary Modahl

Read on as this expert explains why you need to be prepared for the new Internet consumer and business models.

Laura Tiffany