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Review of Peachtree's Accounting Software

Input, output, expenses, taxes... what does it all mean? With Peachtree's latest editions, you can start making the numbers work for you.

This story appears in the July 2006 issue of Entrepreneur. Subscribe »

When it comes to , folks generally separate into two camps: those who transact, and those who analyze.

Any of the major small- accounting programs--Peachtree, QuickBooks, Small Business Accounting, DacEasy--will serve entrepreneurs in either camp. But if you're an analyzer, chances are you'll feel most at home with one of the just-released editions of Peachtree Accounting. That's especially true if you carry . It's not that Peachtree's 2007 editions have features competitors don't. It's about depth in certain key areas and a degree of flexibility that appeals to those who--if truth be told--kind of dig accounting.

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