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Introducing QuickMVP, A New Tool for New Ideas

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Not every can be a real . My granfather used to say, “If I had a dollar for every idea I had, I would be rich, and that would be some business.” We all have ideas, and tons of them. So what is it that gets us to take our ideas to the next level? How do we prove that our ideas would make a good business?  

The good news is that it’s 2014. With new methodologies and , there are services that can help you validate your ideas and get you on the right track to starting an actual business. One of these tools is a new service called . It was started by a buddy of mine, , who also started Machine. He is a published author and one of the fiercest hustlers you could ever meet.

I asked Trevor to share this service with Entrepreneur in an exclusive interview about how QuickMVP can help people take their ideas and turn them into businesses.

How does this work?

QuickMVP helps you test any business idea in just five minutes, without writing any code. Through building a landing page and creating a Ad, you can see how real customers respond to your idea before investing precious time and money.

What is different about this and other landing page tools?

QuickMVP is not only the easiest tool to use, it’s the only one that helps you create a Google Ad. But that’s not all: QuickMVP is designed specifically for validating new business ideas and it helps you identify the important metrics to decide if an idea is worth pursuing.

What does it cost?

It’s $29.99/month that will save you from wasting tons of money, or even months of sorrow, building an idea that will NOT work. (Trust me, I’ve been there and so have 99 percent of entrepreneurs). And if you test an idea that works, it could quickly make you that million dollars you’ve always wanted.

Tell us about the QuickMVP Competition.

For a limited time only, we’re running a QuickMVP Startup Competition where anyone can test their ideas. The best business ideas will win mentorship, publicity, and $5,000 in funding from RightVentures. This competition ends on September 30.

Do you recommend this product over the workshops you host?

Anyone can test their ideas using QuickMVP. But to learn the nuances of conducting effective experiments for idea , I recommend attending a Lean Startup Machine workshop to get the full hands-on experience. Testing ideas is not something you talk about. It’s something you learn by doing.

How can someone attend your workshops?

Just go to Lean Startup Machine and select your city to get notified of the next workshop in your area.

Tell us a bit about your book and how it has helped people?

My book, The Lean Enterprise: How Corporations Can Innovate Like Startups, gives a framework for the enterprise to adapt a startup mentality and empower their most entrepreneurial talent. It reveals the methodologies, tools, and incentive structures successfully used by the world’s most leading-edge companies. It is based on my experience helping entrepreneurs and large companies launch hundreds of new businesses and technology products. Download the first chapter free.

I lost more money than I would like to admit trying to build my first tech company. I am a HUGE fan of lean methodology and I wish I knew about it before I started. Well, as they say, “Hindsight is 20/20.” However, now you know that there are tools in this day and age to prove your concepts before you spend a ton of cash. Validate your ideas and take over the world! Hustle ON.  

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