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This Unlikely Fast-Food Chain Just Became the First to Roll Out an 'All-Natural' Burger


Fast-food is going healthy – or at least "all natural." Why? Because the millennial young man cares about more than just boobs.

Carl's Jr
Carl's Jr.'s All-Natural Burger

Carl's Jr. is better known for uber-sexualized advertisements featuring juicy burgers than its concern for customers' health or the environment. Yet, the burger chain is going to become the first major fast-food chain with an "All-Natural Burger," rolling out Dec. 17.

The new burger, which will cost $4.69, isn't any less in calories, but contains more quality, sustainable ingredients. The beef comes from grass-fed, free-range cows, raised with no antibiotics, steroids or added hormones. The burger is topped with natural cheddar , tomatoes ripened on the vine, lettuce, onion and pickles.

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In line with all-natural fast-casual chains such as Bareburger and Smashburger, the move by Carl's Jr. represents an effort to cater to millennials.

"We’ve seen a growing demand for 'cleaner,' more natural food, particularly among millennials, and we’re proud to be the first major chain to offer an all-natural beef patty burger on our menu," Brad Haley, chief marketing officer of Carl’s Jr, said in a statement. “Millennials include our target of 'Young Hungry Guys' and they are much more concerned about what goes into their bodies than previous generations."

Young hungry guys are interested in more than just meat and cleavage? Who knew what sustainable changes these sensitive young men could bring! 

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