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Looking for Inspiration? These 10 Articles Will Ignite Your Entrepreneurial Spark.


Watch out, and . There’s no telling what you might be inspired to accomplish when you are through with this piece.

We culled Entrepreneur’s 10 most popular posts about inspiration published in 2014. It’s a list of the most inspiring of the inspiring. The creme-de-la-inspirational-creme.

These stories include top tips on what to read and watch, who to follow on and how to make the most of your mornings. Read on, be inspired, go forth, and conquer.

10. 10 from Navy SEAL Training

The lessons learned by Navy SEALs extend well into the field of . For example, SEALs learn through their painfully rigorous training that nothing lasts forever. It’s important for entrepreneurs to keep that in mind, particularly in those early days of building a business, where the 24/7 toil can seem endless. So keep going. Keep on keepin’ on. And for more lessons on how to be a trooper from the ultimate troopers, read this post.

9. The Most Telling Sign That You Might Be an Entrepreneur

Wondering if you have what it takes to make it on your own? There are 50 signs that you might be headed in the right direction, but it’s really all fluff around the center donut hole: Are you willing to take risks where others aren’t? That’s what will separate you from the pack.

8. Become More Positive With These 5 Tips

One of the most common traits of successful go-getters is an optimistic, positive attitude. In this piece, we look at some tools that will help even the biggest Negative Nancy begin to see the sun again. For example, start giving -- even in small ways. Maybe your colleague could use a cup of coffee? Buy her one. It may seem counterintuitive, but the more you give joy to other people, the better you are likely to feel yourself. Try it!

7. 6 Ways to Make Getting Up Early Work for You

One of the most common habits of productive people is to wake up early. But how can you be productive in those early morning hours if all you can think about is going back to your pillow? Here are some useful tips for becoming more of a morning person.

6. Habits of the World's Wealthiest People (Infographic)

Jonesin’ for the Benjamins? Perhaps your first step toward rubbing elbows with and is to start to adopt some of their habits. First steps: Get up early and nix the reality TV habit. Have a look through this infographic for more tips on the daily rituals of some of the world’s wealthiest individuals.

5. Think You're Too Old to Be An Entrepreneur? Think Again. (Infographic)

Yes, Mark Zuckerberg was a young whippersnapper when he launched . And, yes, loves his story. But that’s no reason to use your age as a reason to push your dreams of entrepreneurship aside and go back to eating Cheetos. This infographic offers a peek into some very entrepreneurial careers that launched very much on the other side of youth.

4. 7 Entrepreneurs You Should Start Following Now

Entrepreneur-ify your account. Instead of reading the 140-character summaries of your friend’s breakfast burrito, go and get some entrepreneurs into your social media life.

3. 14 Books Every Entrepreneur Should Read in '14

Want to get your entrepreneurship hustle on? First off, educate yourself. This list of 14 books is your very own college intro course on entrepreneurship. They are the classics of the classics -- the titles that you ought to be able to reference in coffee meetings and cocktail hour networking events.

2. The 7 Traits of Successful Entrepreneurs

What makes an entrepreneur an entrepreneur? To begin with, entrepreneurs have a superhuman ability to tolerate uncertainty. Not only are they better conditioned to sit through fear, but they see opportunity where most people just see anxiety and stress. Have a look at this list of the seven secrets of successful entrepreneurs.

1. 10 Movies Every Entrepreneur Needs to Watch

Hollywood loves . And entrepreneurs, it turns out, are pleased by the affair. Our most popular inspirational story of 2014 was a list of flicks to watch to get your entrepreneurial juices flowing. On the list? Everything from The Social Network to Rocky.

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