7 Top Advisors for Entrepreneurs Eager to Build Their Business

7 Top Advisors for Entrepreneurs Eager to Build Their Business
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Building a business is a journey we start on our own. Once our business begins to grow, it becomes too much for us to micro-manage every detail. Too many entrepreneurs try to be Superman and continue as a one-person show. 

While we know what works best in our business, spending your time IN your business instead of working ON your business, keeps you and your company from growth. Opportunities pass us by because we're bogged down with the day-to-day.

There are entrepreneurs who can see the roadblocks and opportunities that we cannot. Here are seven entrepreneurs who should be on your radar if you’re an author, speaker, coach or all of the above. This list is not meant to be a complete list of every area of your business, but it does cover the major areas. 

1. Ken Dunn -- publishing.

Ken’s journey to becoming an entrepreneur is unique. He started as an investigator for the Ottawa Police Department. After years of investigating everything from petty crime to murders, Ken was looking for a change. It just so happened his friend gave him the book, The Greatest Salesman in the World

Ken was inspired by the book and had an opportunity to put the information to the test by starting a mortgage company. The company made millions, and Ken ended up selling it for $5 million dollars. From there, he entered the world of network marketing, in which he made $10 million dollars. 

Having had tremendous success, Ken decided to write a book to help others. He found what was considered a reputable publisher who charged him $80,000. He got nothing but hype for his investment, so Ken decided to self-publish the book. Through his sales skills, he was able to sell over 100,000 copies.

With a desire to help authors avoid his experience, he started Next Century Publishing. Next Century is a company that ranges from self-publishing help to traditionally published books. In 2012, they published 11 books and grossed $300,000. In 2014, they published 196 books and grossed $2.1 million dollars. Ken is also launching a new venture called Readers Legacy, a platform for authors and book lovers to come together.

Joe Wikert, a legend in publishing, has said this about Readers Legacy, “Readers Legacy is to GoodReads like Facebook was to MySpace.” To unveil the platform, Next Century is hosting a prestigious writers conference, and awards show. This event has some of the biggest names in publishing speaking.

Ken and Next Century Publishing are perfect for authors to publish their book and sell copies. Readers Legacy Choice Awards and Writer's Conference covers all aspects of writing and book marketing.

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2. Cory and Yancey Jim -- presentations.

This husband-and-wife duo came out of a corporate background and started their presentation company in 2010. To date, they have done over 1,000 presentations for some of the biggest names in the industry, such as Michael Port. Their firm has received numerous awards and helped presenters everywhere go beyond merely giving a “talk.” They help the idea come alive. 

The right presentation can get you seed money, persuade an audience or seal the deal with a new client. Your visuals can make or break what you’re presenting. Instead of trying to wing it, hire a company that knows how to do this well. Great presentations help you look and feel professional. 

3. Pat Flynn -- online business.

When it comes to online business, Pat Flynn is the pioneer of the modern lifestyle entrepreneurship movement. Pat delivers practical and actionable information; he also does it with integrity. Pat’s blog and podcast should be on your “must subscribe” list. From each, you will learn how to build a business and lifestyle you love online. 

4. Darren Scott Monroe -- coaching.

Darren started launching websites in 2005 from a hotel room FEMA paid for while he ran from Hurricane Katrina. He has since sold over 50,000 programs, products and services through his companies. He has worked with everyone from celebrities to billion-dollar companies. When you need a coach to help you get to the next level, Darren is the coach to hire.

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5. Isabelle Rizzo -- websites and social media.

When it comes to building beautiful websites, Isabelle should be on your radar. Isabelle has equal understanding of appearance, functionality and user experience. She is also a social media consultant with expert status. She can help you design your website and build it through social media.

6. Patrice C. Washington -- finances. 

Patrice is a regular on the Steve Harvey show talking about finances. Since 2003, she has been a nationally recognized personal finance columnist, television commentator, radio host, author, speaker and leading authority on personal finance and entrepreneurship. 

Jared Easley and I had the honor of interviewing Patrice. You can listen to all of her great advice here:

You can also listen in iTunes

We live in a time with unparalleled access. No longer must we go to an office or have someone come to ours. We can hire the best professionals in the world, and do it virtually. We can get advice and strategy over Skype, a Google Hangout, or some other virtual means. With screen sharing capabilities, we are fully covered. These are the people who can help take your business to the next level. 

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