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5 Paths to Growth Every Entrepreneur Should Explore

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With 2016 in full swing, countless people from all walks of life are looking to make positive changes that will help them become better, higher-functioning individuals this year. For today's busy entrepreneurs, the right actions can go a long way in not only transforming their lives but transforming their business as well. Here are five of the top changes every entrepreneur should make to ensure 2016 is their most successful year yet.


1. Self reflection.

We're barely two weeks into the new year, and a new year means a clean slate. As an entrepreneur, there is no better time to self-reflect than when the year is still young. Take some time to really look at what your strengths and weaknesses are and what you can do personally to make 2016 the best year yet. Write down your goals, both personal and professional ones and write down action steps that you can take to achieve these goals. Make sure you put your goals up somewhere where you can see them, whether it is at your desk or in your home. You need a constant reminder of where you want to go and how you want to get there, pushing you on.

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2. Stop trying to do everything yourself.

If there is one thing that most entrepreneurs are alarmingly guilty of, it is trying to do too much. A great change for many entrepreneurs to make for 2016 is to stop trying to do everything themselves. Take the list of strengths and weaknesses you made for yourself to see what areas you really need help with. Then, find an expert in those categories.

You may be bad a cleaning your home, so consider hiring a maid. You may be bad at cooking healthy, so hire a food service or a chef. Giving up control of things doesn't always mean giving up control of things at work, it can also mean finding help in your personal life as well as this help can easily translate to more professional success.

3. Find business partners.

If you are a busy entrepreneur, then 2016 is the year to start finding business partners for all of your projects. If you need help with an online venture, find a programmer to make your ideas come to life. If you need help with marketing and public relationships, consider hiring a PR firm to help spread the word about your company and your idea. There are professionals in all different types of fields... use them to your advantage. Even if it seems like a big investment at first, imagine how far they can take your company and how much more free time you will have to focus on the important components of running your business.

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4. Set new health goals.

Everyone would probably like to be a bit healthier, whether it's losing five pounds or drinking less. These new health goals are doubly important for busy entrepreneurs. Creating new health goals does not just mean losing weight or buying a gym membership, it means setting big, tangible life-changing goals that will alter your health and the way you live.

Set goals to eat better, exercise more and get more sleep. If you take care of your body and your health you will have more energy and mental focus to pour into your business, and that is one thing any entrepreneur can use more of.

5. Commit to studying more.

One of the best things that any entrepreneur can start doing more of is reading, which is why committing to studying more is such a powerful change to make. Take the time to study free guides and articles on subjects that interest you like this guide that I made on the stock market. Dedicate 1 to 2 hours per week just to reading, Entrepreneur is actually a really great place to start. Pour over all of the articles on this site, read through the content, take notes and implement the advice of all of the different individuals and entrepreneurs from all different walks of life. There are so many people who have been successful in the past and who want to share their experiences, study their advice, it can be instrumental in helping any entrepreneur succeed.

The year is still young; commit to these things and make sure to hold yourself accountable and follow through. If you make these changes your own, you will see the results you want out of your life well before the year is over.

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