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Influencer Marketing Tips From AT&T and Fullscreen's 'Hello Lab' Initiative

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The future of digital influencer marketing launched this month: the first video series from AT&T and Fullscreen’s yearlong collaborative initiative entitled “Hello Lab,” featuring the travel duo Damon and Jo. "Dare To Travel" is a crowd-sourced travel show, where audience members can suggest adventures in each of the eight cities that Damon and Jo traverse, and of course, it’s all shot on AT&T mobile phones on the AT&T network.

With Hello Lab, the two companies have partnered with ten top influencers to collaborate on a next-level range of digital content, giveaways, podcasts, meet-ups and more, yet to be announced. Though AT&T and Fullscreen, a youth media and online creator company, have been collaborating since 2012, this is the first time that they have launched such a full-scale, comprehensive initiative.

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Fullscreen alone boasts over 75,000 creators in its network, generating over 5 billion views each month, so AT&T’s choice to collaborate with them is a no-brainer. The two companies can shore each other up in the influencer marketing space, but beyond that, they have a lot to offer their influencers. Damon and Jo recently told Tubefilter, “Any time an influencer links up with a brand with a household name, the partnership takes your channel and career from a YouTube channel for fun to a YouTube channel that is a fully-functioning business.”

If you want to take your digital content to the next level, there are a few questions you will want to ask yourself:  

Who are the right influencers?

Someone who echoes your company’s core values in their own personal brand is the person you want to represent what your company can offer. They will create natural, authentic content that will resonate clearly with audiences. The right influencer might be different for each campaign you run, so be clear and precise about whom you choose.

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What are my marketing goals?

Your influencer tactics will change drastically depending on what goals you have for your marketing initiatives. If you want a “famous” brand advocate, you’ll need to find an influencer who has that reach. If you want to have “average user” voices, you’ll need to find your biggest fans and run a campaign with them. Define your goals first, so you can find the right face and name for your brand.

How to create relationships?

Hello Lab is collaborating with influencers, not just hiring them. Your influencers aren’t just your employees. They can be your brand’s biggest advocates, with just a little bit of regular communication and support. The same goes for your audience -- are you regularly engaging with them on your social media, and providing opportunities for them to grow a stronger relationship with your brand? Are you providing opportunities for your audience to engage with you?

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Raising your influencer marketing to the next level is not as difficult as you might think. Start with some out of the box thinking, a comprehensive plan, and a willingness to collaborate, and your company may birth the next big marketing initiative that everyone else is watching for cues. 

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