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7 Key Steps to Supercharge Your Success

After a full year of the Tony Robbins experience, this successful entrepreneur highlights the most important wisdom he's learned to supercharge success.

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People like Tony Robbins have inspired and motivated huge crowds of entrepreneurs -- and have earned devoted fans as a result. Bill Carmody, CEO of innovative marketing firm Trepoint and acclaimed author of the how-to guide Online Promotions: Winning Strategies and Tactics sat down with Lewis Schiff, executive director of The Business Owners Council, to talk about Bill’s approach as an entrepreneur and the breakthroughs he has unlocked through his Tony Robbins experience.


1. Entrepreneurs must share their experience.

Bill is an active blogger on and other platforms, and sharing his insights with other entrepreneurs is an important part of his entrepreneurial journey. “At the end of the day, I’ve been very fortunate to have been as successful as I have been for the last 22 years in digital marketing. And I find that one of the greatest joys I have is sharing what I’ve learned as a way to give back to the people who are either starting out in the industry, or are sort of at a point in their careers where they’re looking for some sage counsel and advice,” he told me. He makes a point of sharing the type of information that will help others avoid mistakes that he made when he was just starting out, and of taking complex ideas (like big data or digital marketing technologies) and explaining them in a way that beginners can understand.

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2. Never, ever stop learning.

Bill is a huge proponent of ongoing education, formal or otherwise. “I think that the minute you stop learning is when you start making massive mistakes,” he says. Bill believes that a constant search for new knowledge is key to helping you grow as an individual -- but it also helps your company grow on a corporate level. In fact, he recently devoted a year to learning, by undergoing a full Tony Robbins experience.

3. Don’t limit yourself -- or your business.

One of the things that Bill learned from Tony Robbins is the idea that we are limited by our beliefs. “If you believe you’re not going to be successful then you won’t be because you’re not going to act that way,” he advises. “You’re going to end up looking for evidence that you’re not going to be successful.” Limiting beliefs will stop you from getting the full benefit of any experience, and can hold you back from learning and growing -- if you’re unwilling to leave your comfort zone, you’ll be stuck wherever you are today. Limiting beliefs can also affect your business: “You can read all of the best books by the best strategists, but typically the reason you’re not implementing these best practices is because you have some limiting belief about your business,” says Bill. 

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4. Take a holistic view.

Don’t get tunnel vision when it comes to your business -- for your company to thrive you have to be thriving yourself, and this means paying attention to all aspects of your life, not just work. “Typically, most entrepreneurs are working 10-12 hour days, and that tends to take a toll on your health. What is success if you really don’t have your health and vitality?” Bill asks. Building healthy choices into your routine may seem daunting at first -- after all, who has time for the gym or chopping vegetables? Think of it this way: investing in yourself is investing in your business.

5. Create healthy financial habits.

Small habits eventually add up to big results. “If you do certain small things, they make a huge difference,” Bill explains. Work on creating small, consistent habits that will help you to reach positive financial outcomes in the future. Get into the habit of creating a “wealth tax” and banking ten to 50 percent of your salary. Think through what your retirement looks like for you -- if you create a clear, compelling future, then you’ll be more invested in preparing for it.

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6. Understand your purpose.

Bill’s favorite Tony Robbins event is ‘Date with Destiny’, which helps you to pinpoint and understand your purpose in life. “I can tell you definitively that the purpose of my life is to be an inspirational leader who enjoys solving problems and creating breakthroughs for myself and others,” Bill reveals. “I couldn’t have told you that before I went to ‘Date with Destiny.’” The goal of “being a great marketer” just isn’t enough. Think deeply about your strengths, passions, and goals, and try to identify your purpose.

7. Surround yourself with successful people.

“Being in the proximity of people who are already successful and have already achieved what you want to achieve is going to encourage you to up your game,” Bill advises. Join clubs and networking organizations that will place you not only in the midst of like-minded, ambitious entrepreneurs like yourself, but also those who are already leaders in their industries.


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