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Brain Break: Forget About Unicorns. Check Out This Blue Lobster.


A Cape Cod fisherman caught the summertime blues in the most literal way possible. Wayne Nickerson, owner and captain of FV Windsong in Plymouth, pulled up this blue beauty earlier this week and, wow, just look at this crazy thing:

Jan Nickerson

It is the second blue lobster Nickerson has caught in his 35 years of fishing. With an estimated one in 2 million blue lobsters crawling around the sea floor, we think this guy should really consider playing Mega Millions more often.

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If the thought of sinking your teeth into this 2-pounder has you drooling, put that plastic bib away. Jan Nickerson, Wayne’s wife, reported on her Facebook page that, “The lobster went to a nice cool tank so he wouldn’t die. He is fine ... healthy and happy.” She told ABC News that she hopes to find him a home in an aquarium.

We tried to think of a bunch of clever lobster puns to end this post, but couldn’t think of any in a pinch. I guess you could say we really blue it? (Sorry, please don't hate us.)

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