5 Simple Keys to Greater Productivity

Modern life assails us. The only part of it you're ever going to control is yourself.
5 Simple Keys to Greater Productivity
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There are a lot of things I haven't accomplish yet. Like many of you, I have lost loved ones and friends, suffered setbacks, disappointments and failures, but amid all of that I saw many dreams come true. I have helped a lot of people achieve their goals and helped many more overcome obstacles on their respective roads to success.

You see, we could complain about what has gone wrong, but what does that accomplish? Your next chance to do better is right around the corner and with it comes new opportunities.

If you have goals that seem as far from accomplished now as when you began, here are a few tips to help you get off to a great fresh start.

1. .

Science has proven morning routines are beneficial to overall daily productivity. Personally, I am a night owl, but, I do have morning routines. Don't overlook the simple things such as: brushing your teeth (you likely do it at the same time, the same way, in the same place, daily), taking a shower, getting dressed, eating breakfast and leaving for work. My good friend Duke Matlock is a morning routine guru and encourages me to have a regular, daily morning routine.

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2. Planning daily.

One tip here, and it may seem obvious: Do it ahead of time. I prefer to plan my week in advance leaving room for new appointments, unforeseen activities and error margins in general. For example, if I know I have three coaching calls on Monday afternoon (each lasting 30 minutes), I give myself at least 15 minutes in between each call. This way, if a call goes over the time allotted or if something else comes up, I have breathing room. Either way, you know your schedule better than anyone. If you don't keep up with your daily routine, appointments and schedules, I encourage you to begin doing so immediately.

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3. Organizing.

This is an area I need to improve on, and it is directly related to the previous item, daily planning. Even though I keep a schedule, I need to do a better job of blocking out time for specific activities. I have improved drastically, or I wouldn't be as productive as I am now.

4. Blocking out clutter.

Can you say  or , maybe text messaging? Blocking out the interruptions, the clutter and the distractions is of particular importance for those whose work requires intense focus or creative skills. For example, if you are a writer, the best thing you can do at the start of your day is to close the social media tabs in your browser. If it is necessary for you to check it often, schedule time in your day to reply to emails and text messages, and to engage with social media.

5. Being consistent.

You could implement each of the tips above tomorrow, but you would not be likely to see results until you become consistent with them. One day of eating healthy will not improve your , and one day of being organized, having a regular schedule and blocking out the clutter will not lead to a more productive life.

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Identify an area of your daily routine where you are vulnerable to distractions. Once you identify it, determine and implement a solution that ensures you resolve the issue. Maybe it begins tomorrow morning by starting the day with a walk, or reading, instead of wasting time on social media. I know if each of us implements these tips, we will have a more productive and fruitful year.

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