Need Inspiration? This Crazy Billiards-Golf Trick Will Remind You Anything Is Possible.

Watch the craziest trick shot you've ever seen.

Lucky shot? Not exactly -- but it is pretty genius.

It took 11 hours of labor for Allstar Sports Bar in Bristol, England, to set up an elaborate trick golf-slash-billiards shot. The configuration resembles a Rube Goldberg course composed of pool tables, pool balls, some artificial green and one golf ball. It takes two minutes for the golf ball to travel down some stairs and through multiple rooms across a series of pool tables.

General manager Shane O'Hara and bar assistant Tom Woolman were the brains behind the seemingly impossible shot. After spending some time and effort building the 500-foot maze, they successfully scored a hole-in-one -- and a video gone viral.

Watch this crazy trick shot and get inspired to achieve the impossible.

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