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AI Bots Are Encouraging Brand Marketers to Use AI

Bots are available now to bring the power of AI to your brand.

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With the launch of ’s bots, among others, more marketers have started thinking about how they can use bots and AI to their advantage. There are many ways you can use this to benefit your whether you are a beginner of a chatbot marketing expert. Start by making sure you have a chatbot marketing plan that will deliver ROI for your company.

To make it easier for you, I’ve outlined three ways you can use chatbot tools and AI to promote your brand and maintain happy and loyal customers.

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Offering painless self-service options.

Customers today like being able to do things without having to ask or answer a million questions during the process. Worst yet, they do not want to have to make numerous phone calls to complete one simple task. Your chatbot will offer your consumers a painless, self-service option that will leave them with a positive view of your customer care team. This positive experience is essential to building long lasting relationships with your audience. Many consumers use phone calls as a last resort to find a solution to their problem, so offering them “self-service” options across mediums they feel more comfortable using will leave a long lasting impression. Remember, happy customers leave good reviews and refer brands to friends. Making sure they can achieve their end goal on their own terms is sure to improve your customer’s perception of your brand.

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Building effective marketing campaigns with in-depth data.

Although not perfected yet, the data and insights you will gain from your chatbot are phenomenal. Simply put, every conversation your chatbot has with each customer is logged. By analyzing the data, you will acquire valuable information about your audience, which will allow you to improve your chatbot and build targeted campaigns. Some questions this data will be able to answer for you include:
  • What are your audience’s primary questions?
  • Is your audience asking about products that are not available?
  • Is there an opportunity for new products that your audience is demanding?
  • Are there recurring glitches with your bot's process?
  • Are there specific purchase obstacles that could be rectified?

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However, data is not all about fixing glitches and coming up with new products or services. The insight you will get from your chatbot’s data will allow you to tailor your marketing efforts to push specific existing products or services to current customers. For example, your marketing newsletter can be tailored according to what a specific group of customers has shown an interest in. Along with name , tailoring your chatbot to your client’s interest are key to driving more online traffic and . Most importantly, remember that chatbots are not just customer care tools. They are an excellent way to understand your audience and can be used for marketing purposes such as sending surveys, reminders, and updates about events and promotions.

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Introducing new promotional opportunities.

Chatbots have become an easy way to introduce new promotional opportunities to customers. Through your bot, you are offering your audience a more personalized conversation which opens a whole new door to promoting your products and services without coming across as pushy. Facebook gives companies the chance to send promotional material and reminders directly to their audience via Messenger. Instead of pleasing the masses, if your chatbot is programmed properly, it will be able to understand each consumer, sending tailored offers to each individual. Unlike with email, physical mail, or outbound marketing calls, chatbots can send a quick message with a promotion that does not annoy your customer. As with any email newsletter, your customers can opt out whenever they choose to. Choosing the right promotion at the right time is essential. If you can engage your consumers in a way that makes them part of your community and brand, you will build a fanbase that is more than just a single-serving customer.

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Chatbots and intelligent asistance will help shape the marketing world.

Today, marketers are leveraging new ways to use chatbots and other forms of intelligent assistance to increase the effectiveness of their campaigns. Offering people ease of use and access will undoubtedly attract new customers while giving your brand a better understanding of your clientele. The chatbot is expected to lead a massive consumer shift where fewer searches are expected to be made online, and more people will rely on intelligent assistance to answer their questions. Starting early and continuously improving your chatbot’s abilities will encourage new relationships with customers that will stand the test of time.

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