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How to Write the Perfect Job Ad (Infographic)

To attract top talent, try out these simple tips.

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What’s the to hiring the perfect candidate? the perfect job ad is a great start. That’s easier said than done, but with a little guidance anyone can up their game.

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To start, it’s important to hook a potential applicant with a short and sweet job title. In the job title, include a term that someone would use to search for the role and mention the level of the role. After you figure out the job title, write a brief -- 40 words or less -- introduction to the job, entailing the function of the job and why a candidate would want to work for the .

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Including essential company details such as the ’s vision, opportunities for growth and the ’s position in the industry is also vital to constructing a catchy job ad. Other important components are work responsibilities, a detailed description of the ideal candidate, salary range and benefits and instructions on how to apply.

Check out Headway Capital’s below to learn how to craft the perfect job ad.

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