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How to Achieve More Success as a Couple

Hold each other accountable and encourage each other to do more, not less.

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Do people want to do more or do people want to do less? Usually it seems that people want to do less. They want to take the weekend off. Work only as much as they are required to by their employer. Take the easy way out.

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People are operating under an illusion. They’ve been told by their parents, the media, every institution in a powerful position that they are ok. It has been ingrained in their brains that they should be grateful that they have more than their neighbor. They are informed that they should be happy that they have a job that pays them to live in their house, pay for their car and their other bills.

There is nothing further from the truth. You cannot build financial independence by just covering your bills and making ends meet. You cannot be successful without doing more.

The moment a person or a couple gets the idea that they can do more, the doors open to opportunity and possibility. They begin to think Hey, we just did that, so what else is possible? What else can we do and how fast can we do it?

Pushing yourself and your partner to do more than you both think is possible isn't intended to wear you out. It actually has the opposite effect. Both of you will be motivated when you see what can be accomplished.

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Remember, it's important to surround yourself with people who support this thinking and are out there pushing themselves, too. Instead of surrounding yourself with people who complain or are sarcastic about your dreams and treat your goals negatively, find a trainer or a mastermind group of others who are striving for more. 

There will be times when you think you cannot push yourselves any further. You’ll both feel as if you’ve reached your limit. When this happens, instead of abandoning your goals, which is what most people do, look for others to actually help you discover that you can do more, go harder and reach the goals you have set.

Hold each other accountable and encourage each other to do more, not less.

So, as a couple, how do you discover each other’s assets? How do you develop each other’s talents? What is each of you good at? You need to develop your natural talents and what you are each good at instead of trying to change that person. To make a square peg fit into a round hole. Developing your potential is going to increase your earnings and income.

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Determine the amount of success you’ll have in life. Success demands continuous attention. It’s like a beautiful lawn. No matter how green it gets, you have to continue to weed, fertilize, water and mow it. It takes continuous action for it to remain beautiful and healthy. So just like the lawn, if you don’t take care of it and put in the effort for success in your life, in any area, your success in that area will deteriorate until it dies or is wiped out.

How do you make a decision together to get more done, to achieve more?

First, decide what you want as a couple. What do you want to achieve? Ask yourselves:        

Do I want more?

Do I deserve more?

Can I do more?

Second, decide on your goal. You need to keep updating what you want to accomplish to get you to what you want to achieve. Your goals could be daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, longer term. You need to meet often as a couple to decide together.

Third, divide and conquer. If you both have made the decision on what you want, developed goals to get you there, divide and double your time to get it done. Above all, you need to be honest, have open , agree on what you want to achieve and how you are going to do it. And, once you think you’ve reached your limit, keep pushing.

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I dreamed of having a beautiful wife and kids. I wanted more in life.

I started dreaming about having my own private jet. I hated flying commercial. I deserved more.

I believed I could acquire 5,000 apartments. I used to only have 300 apartments. I can do more.

No target, no attainment.

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