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Grow From Zero to 40,000 Instagram Followers With This $12 Course

Drive revenue, leads, and more through Instagram.

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Instagram is no longer just a place to share FOMO-inducing vacation throwbacks, stalk your ex's new fling, and gawk at the latest Kardashian selfie: it's a platform to grow your business. Capable of delivering an engagement rate of 1.73 percent per post—compared to Facebook's 0.16 percent—Instagram is a bona fide treasure trove for companies in search of a devoted community of customers.

Jakob Owens

Sounds great, right? Well, don't forget to read the fine print: In order for Instagram marketing to work for you, you have to actually have followers in the first place. Without them, you're just dedicating time, money, and other resources to content that few people will actually see, let alone interact with.

Enter: the Instagram Masterclass 2018. Organized by Evan Kimbrell, a San Francisco-based digital agency founder who's launched more than 100 web and mobile apps, its an extensive look at the various tactics you can utilize to grow an account from zero to 20,000, 40,000, and even 100,000 followers in mere months.

This 22-hour course contains a total of 150 lectures, which begin with a run-down of the basics: setting up your account and figuring out a content strategy. Once you've got that groundwork laid out, you can begin creating your first batch of photo and video content using tools like Canva, Photoshop, and Final Cut Pro. From there, you'll explore hashtag optimization and other immediate growth strategies that can boost your account's following rapidly, including shoutouts and traffic-driving "zombie" accounts.

Rounding up this learning are lessons on making money through Instagram using affiliate marketing and tools, such as Linktree, and increasing your growing following's engagement using the platform's Stories feature. By the time you've completed all of its lectures, you'll be set to hire low-cost content producers and establish a content system involving automation for even more streamlined production.

Ready to start racking up those likes? Visit the Entrepreneur Store today, where you'll find the Instagram Masterclass 2018 on sale for just $11.99—a fraction of its original price of nearly $200.

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