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Stop Robocalls, Telemarketers, and Spam Texts for Good With Uncall

Secure your phone number now with a ridiculously affordable one-time fee.

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The good thing about having a mobile phone is that friends, loved ones, and associates can reach you at any time, no matter where you are. The bad thing is that everyone else can, too, whether you want them to or not. And as you’ve probably already noticed, telemarketers, spammers, and other unsavory characters aren’t shy about bothering you at any hour of the day or night. Sure, you can ask them to remove your number from their lists, but that tends to have a lower-than-acceptable success rate. And who has time to spend an hour on the phone trying to make it work? But with Uncall, you can leave the hassle to the experts and secure your phone once-and-for all with a one-time fee of just $15.

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No More Robocalls. No More Spam Texts.

uncall robo call blocker

You read that right. Uncall will take your phone number off of the registries used by telemarketers and scam artists alike, all for just $15 per number. And if you have five or more numbers to secure, you can get a discounted rate of just $10 per number, not per month or per year. For the price of a single lunch out you can end annoying junk calls, texts, and voicemails for good.

Features included with Uncall include:

Complete protection

Monthly checkup

iPhone/Android agnostic

Alert notifications

Speech & Text Analytics

Free risk reports

Ticket support

Test Your Number Right Now For Free

The first step toward with Uncall is totally free. You just head over to their website and enter your phone number for a free “rough analysis” that will tell you how many online registries -- dark web and otherwise -- your phone number has made its way to. Based on this, you’ll learn how badly in need you are of a service like Uncall to wipe your number off of those registries.

Once you decide to sign up for Uncall, they’ll perform a much more precise scan of your phone number to see exactly which lists (or “leadsheets,” as they’re known in the biz) your number is on. Then, using a variety of methods, Uncall will ensure that your number is either removed from the lists completely or marked as a “bad conversion,” meaning that calling the number is a waste of time for anyone trying to sell or scam.

The bottom line is that for as little as $10, you can finally secure your phone number and make sure only the people you want to hear from are calling you (and your boss, of course). So if you’re ready to test your number for free and see if Uncall is right for you, head over to the service’s official site here to get started.

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