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Use This App to Avoid Typos and Craft Perfect Emails Every Time

WhiteSmoke can help ensure you never send typo-ridden emails again.

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Everybody has encountered poor writing at work. Whether it's a colleague's barely literate emails or an extremely rough run of copy on a promotional article, bad writing never looks good on your business. Fortunately, it's extremely easy to improve your writing without spending hours doing coursework. WhiteSmoke Grammar Checker is like a spell checker on steroids, liberating you from typos and poor writing for good.

Karolina Grabowska

Good grammar, sentence structure, spelling, and proper punctuation go a long way toward making you look like a professional, and WhiteSmoke covers it all. This top-tier writing software has earned rave reviews from TopTenReviews and CNN, who called it "one of the top 31 business ideas in the world."

WhiteSmoke uses natural language processing and statistical machine translation technologies to go well beyond the standard spell checker to not only correct simple typos but to actually improve your writing style, tone, and clarity. WhiteSmoke detects and corrects errors in grammar, sentence structure, capitalization, and more, and identifies stylistic errors like monotony and tenses, giving you real-time feedback to improve your writing. It even covers some of those trickier punctuation mistakes.

WhiteSmoke is a web-based tool that's compatible with any modern browser, letting you correct your writing and hone your style anywhere you input text, from emails to blog posts. It can translate texts, websites, and more into more than 50 languages, making it an especially effective tool for entrepreneurs who work with international clients.

Never send a typo-laden email again. Right now, you can get a five-year subscription to WhiteSmoke Grammar Checker for just $39.99.

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