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3 Questions You Need To Ask Yourself Before Writing a Media Message

Getting media exposure is one thing. Here's how to get your message across while being the type of guest journalists love.

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A media message is the information you want people to remember when they have either read your interview in the press, listened to you on a radio or show or watched you on or TV. It's a one-sentence statement that you want people to know about you — one that is interesting to a journalist and valuable to your audience. Media messages can also include a call-to-action in which the audience is asked to do something specific.

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You have probably heard the saying, "failing to prepare you are preparing to fail." This is true when it comes to media exposure. The great thing about being prepared is that it will make you come across as confident, credible and professional. It will enable you to be clear, concise and get to the point without all the waffle. That’s why it’s good to come up with your media messages in advance.

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