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How to reconcile your business and personal life

Are you an entrepreneur? Take note of these tips to balance both facets and be successful in your career and relationships.

This article was translated from our Spanish edition using AI technologies. Errors may exist due to this process.

While it is true that modern women enjoy freedoms that were previously denied to us - for example, working and receiving a salary for it - it is also true that we now face a dilemma: that of reconciling our hectic professional lives with our many sometimes fragile private life .

For many of us, both spheres are fought to the death. We think that to be a successful woman it is necessary to focus all our time and energy on work, even if this means neglecting love relationships and sacrificing our free time.

Can you be an entrepreneurial woman and at the same time have a fulfilling intimate life? Of course you do: the key is to find a balance (easy, right?). These tips may help you:

1. Value your free time. "Free time" is not synonymous with "the time that is left over when I'm not working." It is the time that you must dedicate to yourself, necessary to enrich yourself as a person and establish affective relationships. Make yourself aware that this time is just as necessary as work, do not underestimate it!

2. Give each thing its fair value. Growing professionally is important, especially in these times of tough competition. But it is not everything: there are other things in life that also deserve your attention: your family, partner, hobbies, friends ... You don't want to be an entrepreneur but lonely woman, right?

3. Respect your work hours. A rule of working life: work never ends. So do not fall into the illusion of wanting to finish absolutely all your earrings to go home; Work with a fixed schedule in mind and stick to it as much as possible. And please don't take work home with you!

4. Start your own business. Better yet: start your own business and work on your own terms. Nothing like managing your energy and time at your convenience!

5. Designate schedules for your activities. Sign up for dance, cooking or language classes; Establish a day of the week to have dinner with your friends or to spend some time alone with your partner. This time should be sacred, almost as if you had a date with someone very important.

6. Share housework. If you have a partner and you live together, make it very clear that housework is the responsibility of both of you. Divide the work so it becomes less of a burden.

7. Set a day of the week just for your partner. Even if you are a very busy woman, try to allocate one afternoon a week to spend quality time with your partner. Make a date to go to the movies, go out to dinner, or cook together; Consider it untouchable.