11 Books to Help Turbocharge Your Side Hustle

These titles will fast-track your Plan B for A-list success.
11 Books to Help Turbocharge Your Side Hustle
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Nowadays, an entrepreneur's side hustle is the hustle. And more often than not, entrepreneurs are juggling multiple potential concepts that might break through as their primary source of income. Fortunately, Entrepreneur Press has published a host of books that can help you home in on the side hustle that makes sense for you — whether it's something singularly crafty or more oriented toward broad consulting. Better yet, we’re offering them at 60% off the retail price for a limited time when you use code SIDEHUSTLE2021 at checkout in our Entrepreneur Press store. Check out these great titles.

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Start Your Own Business by the Staff of Entrepreneur Media

Whether you're looking to earn extra money or are ready to grow your side hustle, Start Your Own Business is the first step toward entrepreneurship. With more than 40 years of experience and advice shared on Entrepreneur.com and in Entrepreneur magazine, the team at Entrepreneur Media is uniquely qualified to guide a new generation of bold individuals like you looking to make it happen on their own terms.

Coached by business experts, practicing business owners, and thriving entrepreneurs, Start Your Own Business uncovers what you need to know before taking the plunge, securing finances, launching your venture and growing your business from startup to household name.

Start Your Own eBay Business by the Staff of Entrepreneur Media and Christopher Matthew Spencer 

This is the blueprint for anyone looking to start and run a successful eBay business. Start Your Own eBay Business takes you through the entire process of setting up your store and making it a fantastic success. You'll learn proven, step-by-step techniques for planning, starting, and executing a successful, profitable eBay business.

Start Your Own Etsy Business by the Staff of Entrepreneur Media and Jason R. Rich 

Whether you're a master crafter, a carpenter, a jewelry designer, or have become passionate about making the best home décor in town, now is the time to go from hobby to full-time business owner. And with millions of shoppers ready to discover your unique offerings, it only makes sense to join the largest, most successful online community of creative entrepreneurs on Etsy.

Our experts have teamed up with successful shop owners to provide you with Start Your Own Etsy Business, an easy-to-understand, comprehensive blueprint that takes you through setting up, branding, marketing and managing your store.

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Start Your Own Green Business by Entrepreneur Press and Rich Mintzer

Do you have a go green-or-go-home attitude? If so, you've got the right outlook for today's business world. Discover how to establish your business as a green business starting at the ground level, and starting now!

From helping you explore environmentally-friendly opportunities to choosing eco-friendly means of production, our experts take you step by step, and show you how to protect our planet while building your business. Learn business basics with a green twist including financing, office setup, day-to-day operations and so much more. 

Start Your Own Arts and Crafts Business by Entrepreneur Press and J.S. McDougall

Make sure you're the toast of the craft or street fair, farmers market or trade show by learning the basics — from startup costs to presentation and sampling of your products — in this essential guide.

Start Your Own Pet Business and More by Entrepreneur Press and Eileen Figure Sandlin

Dog-walking, grooming and pet-sitting are booming businesses — not to mention starting up your own doggy daycare. Get insights on everything from naming your business to standing out from the pack of paws-care purveyors with this purrr-fect (we coudn't help ourselves) guide. 

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Start Your Own Freelance Writing Business by the Staff of Entrepreneur Media and Laura Pennington Briggs

Breaking into freelance writing has gotten much easier for word-savvy entrepreneurs like you. But even in the golden age of content creation, you still need to know what it takes to launch and consistently pitch your services so you can grow and scale your freelance writing side hustle into a full-fledged career you really love.

Start Your Own Freelance Writing Business is an easy-to-understand, introductory and nontechnical approach to the world of freelance writing. This book teaches you how to leverage the fast-changing pace of technology to grow a business that gives you the freedom and flexibility you want.

Start Your Own e-Business by Entrepreneur Media and Rich Mintzer

With millions of people now flourishing as internet entrepreneurs, the web is the place for new businesses to be. This guide makes tapping into highly lucrative markets with an easy-to-start, inexpensive internet business easier than ever. Readers can use the successful strategies and extensive step-by-step process outlined in this book to turn their dream of entrepreneurship into a lucrative, online reality. With information on everything from choosing a domain and building a site to search engine optimization and cashing in on affiliate programs, this indispensable guide will become every "netpreneur's" business-building bible.

Start Your Own Wedding Consultant Business by Entrepreneur Media and Eileen Figure Sandlin

From wedding bells to wedding bills, gain an inside look at the billion-dollar wedding industry and learn how to earn your next paycheck coordinating the "big" day of today's brides and grooms. Discover the newest wedding trends, such as destination weddings, tapas-style catering, disposable video cameras, wedding logos and more. Plus, learn everything else you need to know to start and run a successful wedding consultant business.

Start Your Own Restaurant and More by the Staff of Entrepreneur Media and Rich Mintzer

There's plenty of room for more food businesses, but for a successful restaurant startup you need more than just good recipes. You also need to know about planning, capitalization, inventory control and payroll management. The staff of Entrepreneur has put together everything you need to know to start, run, and grow the successful restaurant or food service of your dreams.

Start Your Own eLearning or Training Business by the Staff of Entrepreneur Media and Cheryl Kimball with Ciree Linsenmann

Possibly credited to advancements in technology or learning behaviors, or a rise in focus on personal development, the education and training industry is steadily growing, creating a demand for eager entrepreneurs. Exploring varied opportunities, Start Your Own eLearning or Training Business will give aspiring business owners ideas, teaching and training methods and an overview of essential tools. 

Remember, we’re offering the above titles and more at 60% off the retail price for a limited time when you use code SIDEHUSTLE2021 at checkout in our Entrepreneur Press store

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