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Why a Proper Sales Infrastructure Is Crucial to Selling Your Business

Business leaders can't afford to overlook sales during exit planning. Here's how to prep your sales team for the business's sale.

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When Jeff Bezos announced he would be exiting as Amazon's CEO, it threw the media into a frenzy. It seemed Bezos had been planning this move under the radar for years, focusing his time more heavily on strategic decision-making tasks than day-to-day management. Bezos conveyed an important lesson for business owners in all industries: It's never too early to begin thinking about your exit strategy. As businesses evolve, it's natural for leaders to make a change as well.

Still, that's often more easily said than done. After spending years building and growing your business, it can be difficult to even consider transitioning away from your company. The business has probably become an intrinsic part of your identity, something you've woken up and worked for every day.

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