Do you want to stand out in a challenging environment? Try constant training

More than a year after a mandatory transformation, we can say that the digitization of companies is already a reality.
Do you want to stand out in a challenging environment? Try constant training
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By: Daniela Salgado Director of Marketing and Branding at Konfío

The last year was challenging for everyone, both personally and professionally, as the pandemic brought a series of transformations that revolutionized our day to day.

Although these transformations, mainly digital, were already a reality for some companies, for many others it meant starting a process that usually takes months and even years, but given the haste for confinement, they had to reduce it to a matter of weeks so as not to affect your operation.

More than a year after this forced transformation, we can say that the digitization of companies is already a reality; however, we know that this environment is extremely changeable and that new technologies are continually emerging. In this sense, the constant update on trends, platforms and tools will be essential, so that companies, regardless of size or business, must implement new training systems that allow them to continue advancing in this process of technology adoption.

Training: key to being competitive

According to the report " The impact of COVID-19: How it affected SMEs in Mexico " carried out by Konfío, the areas of focus that every company must work on this year to be able to maintain its healthy competitiveness are: customer service (prioritize their interests to maintain their trust and loyalty in the future), capital claim (protection of liquidity and establishment of contingency plans for different scenarios to obtain an escalated recovery), as well as online incursion. Fortunately, there are currently all kinds of options so that companies, even those that are starting, can receive the necessary training to use resources that allow them to tackle these areas and remain competitive in an environment as challenging as the current one.

Although there were already some online resources prior to the pandemic, it expanded its offerings, and today there are more and more tools available to fulfill this purpose; Such is the case of Aula Morada , a program with which entrepreneurs at the forefront of growing companies can obtain different knowledge to enhance the growth of their initiatives.

And although there are technologies or tools that at first glance are simple to implement, the reality is that in order to achieve optimal operation, in-depth knowledge is required: this is where all these online trainings become relevant.

On the other hand, companies that are in the initial phases of growth have limited resources, so with programs like Aula Morada we offer resources such as podcasts, videos and articles, which can instruct them to continue advancing thanks to tutorials from experts regarding professional topics. such as annual declarations to the Tax Administration System (SAT), implementation of loyalty programs or use of free tools such as WhatsApp Business.

These programs not only train on the use of resources but also help entrepreneurs to take full advantage of important time periods such as Good End, which according to the report "The impact of COVID-19: This is how it affected SMEs in Mexico " , in 2020 alone it registered sales of 238.9 billion pesos, and that showed an increase of 12.9% in e-commerce sales vs 8.8% in 2019.

The options are diverse and many of them do not require any type of economic investment, so I believe that now more than ever business leaders must take advantage of all these resources to digitize, update and carry out actively and staggered the actions that allow them keep generating income and further develop your businesses. Hence the importance of resorting to these online training programs where you can obtain professional support with specialized people whose objective is to guide these companies so that through the use of simple tools, and in some cases free, they can give a step towards innovation and transformation of the way they carry out their operations.

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