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WATCH: Man Captures Video of Bear Eating KFC in His House

It all started when he saw his front door open and a mama bear sitting outside.


Last month, a man found some uninvited guests when he returned to his home in Sierra Madre, Calif. 

John Holden

The incident started to unfold when John Holden came home and found his front door open and a mama bear sitting outside. After seeing that she wouldn't leave, Holden ran inside as he was concerned about his dog and parakeets.

Instead, he found a bear cub face-deep in his KFC bucket.

Holden later found another bear cub ransacking the house. To get the intruders out, he made noise to try to get them to leave. Holden says they were very stubborn, but the two cubs eventually joined their mother outside.

“They were very happy. They rested. They definitely enjoyed their visit at my house,” Holden said in an interview with KCAL Channel 9 News.

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Unfortunately, one of the parakeets was nowhere to be found after the incident. But Holden's dog Woody was safe, as a neighbor who was driving by happened to discover him. 

“Definitely make sure all your doors and windows are securely fastened when you have fresh food in the house that a bear can smell, especially KFC,” Holden said.

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