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High Performance Habits from Master Coaches

On this podcast episode of 'School of Greatness,' learn the routines of some of today's most successful leaders.

This story originally appeared on Lewis Howes

This week I wanted to bring you something new. I've recorded well over six hundred episodes at this point, and there's been so much knowledge and from the brightest minds on the planet shared on the show.

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I know it can be overwhelming to try to take it all in, so I'm bringing you a recap of some of the strongest wisdom I've received over the past few years of doing this .

For this episode I wanted to concentrate on high performance habits that I've learned from amazing people like Brendon Burchard, Michael Gervais, Tony Robbins and Mel Robbins.

Each of these guests has reached the top of their game, and the biggest factor in that has been their habits. They set their mind to achieve something big and found a way to persevere even at some of the most challenging of times. So what makes them different than you? Nothing. They aren't super human and they aren't luckier than you. And if you take their words of wisdom, you'll find how to overcome what's holding you back.

I hope you enjoy these nuggets of information I hand selected so you don't have to dig for them.

Get ready to learn high performance habits from the masters, on Episode 635.

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