Entrepreneur Magazine: April 1999

Featured Article

Fired Up!

If your heart isn't in it, you're not going to be in business for long.

Speak Easy

The person at the podium attracts the most attention. Why isn't it you--and your business?

City Of Hope

Program helps inner-city residents become business owners.

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Franchises, hair salons, clothing stores.

Fast Money

Interested in capital gains? Convert real estate commissions into cash.

Change For The Better

Arby's CEO revamps for success.

Services Rendered

Taxes, payroll, whatever--Century Small Business Solutions has the resources to do it.

Making An Impression

How to market your best commodity--you.

Friendly Exchange

Want to borrow money from loved ones without losing them? Read on.

Hot Properties

New incubators heat up tech start-ups.

Let Us Count The Ways

12 great reasons to start a business

Kings Of The Road

Today's mobile technology tools blaze new trails.