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April 1999

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April 1999

Entrepreneur | April 1999
April 1999
Entrepreneur Magazine

Dell On...

The world according to Michael Dell--the youngest person ever to head a Fortune 500 firm.

Good Intentions

Why businesses are using the Net.

Touchy Subject

Biometric technology: Is it time for your computer to get to know you?

Sliding High

Downward mobility is on the rise.

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Paradise Found

Need a break? Road-weary travelers head to spas.

Brave New World

Why now's a perfect time for women to take their businesses global.

Search Engineers

Creating a new page for online job seekers.

Sugar Rush

U.S. entrepreneurs satisfy the world's sweet tooth.

Headed For A Showdown?

An inside look at the issue that promises to get the attention of an apathetic Congress

False Alarm

The truth behind a reported drop in start-ups.

Fast Track

Profile on Dr. Glass Window Washing.

Get With the System

Is it a partnership made in heaven or...? Examining the profitable possibilities of becoming a franchise vendor.

Full Speed Ahead?

Does a crisis for your competitors mean a golden opportunity for you? Be careful: The answer isn't as simple as you think.

2001: An Entrepreneurial Odyssey

Why the next century will belong to entrepreneurs.

Borrowing Trouble

Leave loans alone, taxing matters, factoring facts.

Pastry Police

Get the lowdown on news, trends, programs and more.

Diary of a Webhead

From newbie to netpreneur in under a year: If this online retailer can do it, you can, too.

Buddies In Business

What it's really like to start a company with your best friend.

Get Shorty

Hard facts on the latest software

Breaking The Mold

Leaving the corporate clone behind, a new breed of franchisee proves buying a franchise doesn't have to mean selling your soul.

No Time Like The Present

Shared office space, gifts for all seasons

Calling The Shots

Funding your invention - one step at a time.

Speak Easy

The person at the podium attracts the most attention. Why isn't it you--and your business?

City Of Hope

Program helps inner-city residents become business owners.

What's New

Franchises, hair salons, clothing stores.

Fast Money

Interested in capital gains? Convert real estate commissions into cash.

Services Rendered

Taxes, payroll, whatever--Century Small Business Solutions has the resources to do it.

Friendly Exchange

Want to borrow money from loved ones without losing them? Read on.

Hot Properties

New incubators heat up tech start-ups.

Kings Of The Road

Today's mobile technology tools blaze new trails.

On Your Mark . . .

Just thought of a great new product? Well, that was the easy part. Here's how to get it off the drawing board.

Tough as Leather

Building a business isn't easy, but how much can one entrepreneur take?

Fired Up!

If your heart isn't in it, you're not going to be in business for long.

Family Ties

How your relationships at home can help (or hurt) your business.

In-Laws and Order

Think hiring an in-law is just like hiring any other employee? Think again.

Fun and Games

Why all work and some play makes for a satisfied staff.

Return To Sender?

Don't cash that check! You could end up short.

Musical Chairs

Looking to save on steep office rent? Hoteling could help cut your overall expenses.

School Ties

Cut R&D costs--send your products to college.

Scents & Sensibility

Seeing isn't always believing. Get your prospects' attention by engaging their other senses.

Agents Of Change

Is the IRS shedding its image as the agency entrepreneurs love to hate?

Industrial Revolution

Once reserved for large corporations, Industrial Development Bonds are now a source of growth capital for entrepreneurs.

The Rewards Of Risk

A fund that reels in returns for aggressive investors.

Currency Events

Sending and receiving international payments is now as easy as un, deux, trois.

The 'A' List

Need names and addresses of prospects for a direct-marketing campaign? Online list services may be the answer.

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