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July 1999

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July 1999

Entrepreneur | July 1999
July 1999
Entrepreneur Magazine

Lighten Up!

Mixing business and pleasure is no longer taboo.

Postal Power

Secrets to boosting your direct mail's effectiveness

Now Hear This

Hey, is that billboard talking to you?

Command Performance

Ask prospects to take action, and guess what? They just might.

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You've Got Mail

Tired of combatting technical problems and the latest spam attack? Outsource your e-mail operations, and you could be left hassle-free.

To The Rescue?

If Microsoft's new XML e-commerce framework lives up to its 'faster, less expensive' predictions, netpreneurs may soon have a new hero.

For The Record

Don't get burned when you make a verbal agreement.

No Charge

Get the software you need--gratis.

Spread The Wealth

Current solutions make it high time to link all your computers to the Internet.

Mighty Mouse

Move over, Pooh. Mickey's back in town.

Latest Rage

Why punches are flying among plane angry passengers

No-Flirt Zone

When someone flirts with you, don't get mad . . . get professional.

Trade Rumors

Don't let popular fears of an impending Latin American market crash get you down.

Mad Millennium Money

While Y2K may pose a problem for some, certain entrepreneurs are finding millennium fever to be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity--literally.

Eyes On The Prize

Thinking about making your top salesperson a department manager? You'd better look beyond the obvious.

Back To Basics

Beaten every complex challenge in the book? Try the simple life.

Best Gets For Less

When it comes to office equipment, you surely get what you pay for. Whether you're a cheapskate or a big spender, we show you how to get the most bang for your buck.

Don't Go There

Error-proof your business, little loans

Field Of Dreams

You don't have to be Mark McGwire to score big in sports. Here's how you can hit a home run with a sports event franchise.


Masters of their domains: 16 Netpreneurs worth watching

Playing With The Big Boys

Your office is a card table; your staff is you and your dog. How do you convince big clients your company's got what it takes? Two words: Fake it.

Shape Of Things To Come?

Get the lowdown on news, trends, programs and more

Credit and Background Checks

Digging up dirt on the people that affect your business

Dog Heaven

Love pets? Try running a summer camp for them.

Choice Cuts

Action on Capitol Hill this year could leave you with a larger after-tax share of the profits.

Burnt Offerings?

It's understandable to be bedazzled by the riches you see in other companies' IPOs. But before you follow their lead, make sure your company is cut out for going public.

Full Plate

Piling stocks and bonds into your portfolio makes for a healthy investment.

Selling High

Businesses for sale ring up cool profits.

Forging Ahead

White House labors to put procurement projects into entrepreneurs' hands.

Uncle Sam Steps In

State and federal governments save the day with insurance assistance for entrepreneurs.

Time On Their Side

You need good employees. They need increased flexibility. Here's how the twain shall meet.

You Got The Look

And if anyone tries to steal it, you can take 'em to court.

Avoiding a Too-Early Succession

Hand your kids a key to the business too early, and you could unlock the wrong attitude.

Lost Wagers

The stakes are high when dealing with employees who have gambling problems.

Is It Greek To You?

With just 3.4 defects per million units, the Six Sigma strategy may seem somewhat foreign. Welcome to the quality-assurance system the big boys use.

Keep It To Yourself

How personal is too personal for work spaces?

You Do The Math

The numbers add up at Kumon Math and Reading Centers.


Quit your browsing! Here are our picks for 100 of the top Web sites for entrepreneurs.


Young entrepreneurs' business plan is right on target.

On The Side

Finding a part-time business that's full of potential

Written In Stone

These 10 commandments may be the answer to your marketing prayers.

Test Drive

If you don't like your new 7-Eleven, return it.

Silver Lining

Unemployment benefits could be your passport to entrepreneurship.

Oh, Baby!

How to cash in on the biggest baby boom yet

For Good Cause

For these entrepreneurs, success means more than just a big bottom line. Meet our 1999 Socially Responsible Franchisees of the Year.


Looking for help commercializing your product. Try NASA.

Reading A Market

This bookseller figured out how to survive in the land of the giants: Find a niche and hit it hard.

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