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January 2002

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January 2002

Entrepreneur | January 2002
January 2002
Entrepreneur Magazine

It's a Stretch

Too small to take on big clients? Not enough big clients to grow? Unsnag your Catch-22 before business growth becomes a self-defeating concept.

Back in Shape?

The SBA and Congress start putting small businesses through rehab.

Disastrous Effects

How does a business survive when it's too close to a national crisis for comfort?

Green Eggs & Scam

17 business scams--from telephone trickery to Web wrongdoing--to avoid at all costs

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Triple Threat

Think franchising is all burgers and maid services? These three franchisees will prove you wrong with their quirky companies.


How does the thought of turning your businesss into a franchise empire sound?

Tech Futures

Need a map for where business goes from here?

Follow the Flight Plan

Learning to fly can teach you everything you need to help your business take off.

No. 1 With Everything

Make it a combo. Subway is going home with its 10th No. 1 franchise title.


Will Greenspan's successor be able to give the economy the nourishment it needs?

The Quilted Picker-Upper

Celebrating the highs (and the lows) of dotcom culture with a needle and thread.

Speak and Spell

Use teen toy Cybiko Extreme for business communication tasks.

Dotcom Damage

Will the entrepreneurial role of women become the Net era's greatest casualty?

Barduous Journey

Looking for answers on the toilsome path of running a business? Ask Shakespeare.

It Figures 01/02

Financing sources, whom customers trust, what makes Internet visitors buy and more

To the Swift

The race for more PC clock speed continues, leaving a confusing array of chip choices-and cheaper prices-in its wake.

9/11 Calls

Wireless devices in the post-attacks era

Cool Clicks 01/02

Get tailored news from Clip Genius and find encouragement to get online iBizResources.

Flash 01/02

NFL contact lenses, blocking the ad blockers and hovering ads

Burning Questions

We asked everything you'd ever want to ask, and these franchisees had the answers.

3rd Annual Million-Dollar Ideas

A brand-new year, a brand-new you--all set to start the business you've always wanted. Here are 12 ideas to set you on your way to your first million.

The Idol Life

Their fame will outlive them, their money will probably outlast their fame, and what these entrepreneurial geniuses learned about running businesses will be passed from generation to generation-starting with you.

365-Day Forecast

Will the economy bounce back in 2002? We'll let the experts answer that one.

Hot Disks 01/02

Secure your company's site and network, use more than one OS and more.

Led Poisoning

The best cure for bad leading is a good dose of following.

Tragic Taste

When does showing your company's support cross the "downright tacky" line?

Mitch Siegler

41, president of Sovietski Collection in San Diego

Just for Kicks

Every car you buy doesn't have to go to work with you.

Class Distinction

Blue-collar workers and seniors are on the Net and demanding your attention.

Drink Tank

Grab a cold one and read on to uncover the latest trends in the beverage industry.

Tracking a Trend

Business trips by train? How bad is your fear of flying?

Just for Shows

With a new design, these booths are gonna walk all over you.

John Nastav

Franchisee of Crescent City Beignets

Keeping Your Marketing Current

Your customers are changing. Can your marketing keep up?

Fair Enough

To be a better negotiator, learn to tell the difference between a lie and <i>a lie</i>.

Stick Your Neck Out

Turtle Transit takes its marketing to the streets to show off.

Vast Improvement

You can't argue against a market that comprises 70 percent of Americans.

No Strings Attached

We could spout the numbers all day, but you already know wireless is rising untethered.

Come to a Head

Once you've got a great headline for your ad, don't skimp on the details.

Coming On Strong

Don't call them also-rans. These 5 franchise industries are burning up the track.

More Than Words

Use nonverbal cues to help the sale along.

Don Swedo & Don Herborn

Franchisees of EagleRider Motorcycle Rental

A New Face

From its Sugarbath and milk formula product lines to its partnership with luxury giant LVMH, there's nothing stale about Fresh.

Read All About It

Everything you need to know should be in this one document, but where?

Watch Out!

Hey, suckers! Here's how to <i>not</i> throw your money away on a get-rich-quick scheme.

Age Issues

Blaze a new trail or go with old reliable? That's what you have to decide before you buy a franchise.

In Capital Letters

There are three things you simply have to know before financing a franchise: S-B-A.

How Do You Spell "Relief"?

For businesses hurt by the September 11 attacks, the answer may be "IRS."

When You <i>Really</i> Lose Customers

They've changed e-mail addresses without telling you. But new services mean wayward clients aren't gone forever.

Gear 01/02

Move Ethernet connections with ease and a Bluetooth- and Wi-Fi-compatible laptop

Tech Buzz 01/02

Microsoft makes a business-friendly handheld OS, and get ready for a new tech services solution.

Inside the Box

New software slowing you down? Get a high-end Athlon or P4 processor for your new PC, and you'll do fine.

Taking Credit

Card issuers are really rolling out the red carpet for their business customers, but is there a catch? Not if you act responsibly.

Money Buzz 01/02

Smaller VCs are picking up big VC slack, financing for IT purchases

I Think I Get It

Making sense of the dreaded prospectus

Itsy-Bitsy Bonds

No more waiting around till your company hits the multimillion-dollar mark-now bonds are for businesses of all sizes.

No Whammies!

Winning $10,000 on a game show is a good cure for cold feet about buying a franchise.

No Long-Term Parking

Keep it moving! Your products belong on the shelves, not in a warehouse--and retailers won't have it any other way.

Management Buzz 01/02

Re-evaluating the economics of your business relationships and maintaining friendly relations with laid-off employees

New Management

It's your way or the highway, right? So how do you get that manager you just hired not to hit the next on-ramp?

Taking Calls

Are state and federal laws taking the telephone out of your sales arsenal?

Elective Surgery

Cutting health costs doesn't mean cutting benefits.

Outside Chance

When the old sales plays aren't scoring, it's time to call in the Gipper: a sales consultant to rally your team.

Marketing Buzz 01/02

The info on infomercials, direct mail in times of bioterrorism

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