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August 2002

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August 2002

Entrepreneur | August 2002
August 2002
Entrepreneur Magazine

Higher Power

10 secret weapons that will make you a hands-on leader for your sales team

Slipping Up

Botched a sale? Learn from the error of your ways-dust yourself off and try again.

When You Ad It All Up . . .

The life and times of an ad industry legend

Nothing but Net

Offline advertising--who needs it?

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My Turn

If you don't need a car all the time, why not share?

Power Trip

Pack enough voltage to last through the whole journey.

Gerald Chamales

51, chairman and founder of Carson, California-based Rhinotek Computer Products

A Brand-New Development

For photos on the go, here's a digital camera and printer for your glove box.


The forecast is hazy for the latest ergonomics plan.

The Multitasking Dilemma

. . . and rethink what you do with it. Does multitasking really get anything done?

Payin' Relief

Do your employees need a living wage law to get by?

Bunch of Hosiers

How have women managed to maintain a monopoly on pantyhose all these years?

In Times of Crisis

Does less media hype mean the energy crises are over-or do we just miss Enron?

Endless Options

No matter how often the markets let us down, stock options aren't going to die.

Arguing Semantics

The Net cook is brewing up a new Web. Are you ready for a taste test?

Market a New Product on Any Budget

Let the whole world know about your latest product launch, even on the tightest budget.

Flash 08/02

Pursuing the "mass affluent" market, cell phones that read lips and more

Full of Hot Air

How to handle big egos on your sales team before they're blown out of proportion

Burnout Busters

Find out how to keep your cool when your deal gets hot.

Marketing Buzz 08/02

How you should <I>not</I> market your enviromently friendly product; how to encourage customer complaints

Building Character

Art imitates business life for this entrepreneur.

The Writing's on the Wall

Change is inevitable. And, if you do it right, your ad's persuasive impact on the viewer will be, too.

How Embarrassing!

Highly publicized dry spells are poor recruitment tools. Will anybody decent ever want to work for you again?

Competitive Pricing

Reverse online auctions will have suppliers racing to beat each others' bids.

Feeling Woozy?

If it's from the toxins, call a doctor. If it's from inheriting someone else's mess, help is coming.

Worldwide Coverage

The right insurance for when you're way out of the office

Management Buzz 08/02

Who's not getting the ax these days and books to help inspire you

Tickets, Please

He sneaked into DVD rental through the door Blockbuster took its eye off--the internet.

Learning From the Best

Why mentors rock-and how they can help you grow your business

Cool Clicks 08/02

Connect to your PC remotely; find the best high-speed Internet access providers

So Many Choices

Picking the right franchise takes a lot of legwork. Luckily, we have 18 tools and techniques to make your due diligence doable.

Permanent Press

Make your Web site a magnet for news-hungry journalists.

Still Playing With Toys?

Your interest in the toy industry survived the recession. Now how do you make the most of the recovery?

All Work & No Play

Targeted mailings and research are in. Client golf outings are out. If you expect to sell in today's economy, you need to stop wasting everyone's time.

Starting From Scratch

The less you know about your industry, the more prep work you have in your future.

Under the Microscope

Use microenterprise loans to help make micro a temporary condition.

Raiser's Edge

Are your attempts at selling to retail stores going nowhere? Maybe your product needs a good fund-raiser.

Red Hot!

I scream, you scream, we all scream for . . . ice cream hot dogs? How one entrepreneur came up with a cool twist on a ballpark favorite

Mom a la Mode

This entrepreneur wasn't expecting to find such a fashionable franchise.

I'll Follow the Sun

Who would have thought of the Great White North as a tanning hot spot?

Tech Buzz 08/02

Who's paying for computer recycling; the newest standard for modems

LAN of the Free

If you're feeling a little tied down at the office, give wireless a whirl.

Scary Move, Eh?

The risks of starting a business can be a fright. Fortunately, the right attitude can turn your quickened heart rate and night sweats into the kind of excitement that leads to a successful business.

Gear 08/02

Scanning those pesky business cards; the mouse loses its tail

Hot Disks 08/02

Put your math problems on the Web, get your PCs and Macs talking and more

Price Check, Please

Shopping around for a new way to attract clients? Try joining a price-comparison site.

Animation Nation

Cartoons draw attention from cell phone users.

Can't Take It With You

Hold the phone! Number, that is. Your cell carrier will, at least for now.

Looking Sharp!

Blades can cut clutter and wasted office space without slicing off a chunk of your budget.

Beefed Up

The IRS enforcement arm is working out.

Can I Take Your Orders?

You have no assets. You have no receivables. How do you get financing? Make purchase orders your entry-level collateral.

If the Cap Fits

Gird your portfolio with value small caps.

Take This Hand

Banks are looking to find a nice entrepreneur and settle down.

Money Buzz 08/02

Sites that offer more credible stock market info, paying by fingerprint

Let's Chat

With what we've learned from the master of small talk, we have plenty to say.

A Buying Shame

The number of companies buying from women-owned businesses is disgraceful.

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