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Entrepreneur Magazine: December 2002

Featured Article

Have a Little Class

Small-business newbies can learn the ropes online.

Words to the Wise

Glean pearls of wisdom from this entrepreneur's experience.

Music Lessons

How can this nonprofit rock camp for girls keep rolling? The experts compare notes.

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Maxed Out

Don't let a little thing like bad credit history get in the way of your entrepreneurial dreams.

One of a Kind?

Make your product conform to break away from the norm.

Enjoy Your Meal!

It would be rude <i>not</i> to play with your food at this entrepreneur's creative, family-friendly restaurant.

What's New 12/02

The pickings are plush in this critter country.

Bucking the Trend

A change of pace can really pay off.

Never Say Die

How a family beat the odds (and the weather) to improve a franchise

Face the Facts

Smacking the reader with the cold, hard truth can give your ad a strong punch.

To the Letter

Cover your butt and get it in writing to really seal the deal.

Fishing for Trouble

Try too hard to hook your customers, and you risk sending them reeling with anger.

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