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Entrepreneur Magazine: August 2003

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Web sites, organizations, events and more to grow your business

Less Is More

Believe it or not, setting your sights a little lower could be the key to marketing your new product.

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I Did It My Way

When it comes to starting a business, you can dive right in or test the waters first--whatever works for you.


Fed up with traditional outfits, one mom takes baby clothes to a whole new level.

To the Rescue

Jack and Diane* aren't left to bail out their sinking land deal alone. Their franchisor throws them a lifesaver in the nick of time.

What's New 08/03

Hey, sometimes the big boss needs a little coaching, too.

Creative Juices

Running a juice bar gives one couple endless options.

Worth His Weight

With a growing chain of weight-loss center locations, this franchisee proves he's got what it takes to succeed.

On the Hunt

Finding health-care coverage that's just the right fit for you

Got Some ID?

The SBA's new online form saves entrepreneurs time and money.

Winning Ways

Meet the winners of the Wharton Business Plan Competition.

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