Entrepreneur Magazine: August 2003

Featured Article

The Art of the Sale

In today's economy, bright ideas are what it takes to land a sale. So we went to the source--to salespeople at super-successful companies--to provide you with surefire tips for selling.

I Spy . . .

Workplace surveillance is coming to small and midsized businesses.

The Ratings Game

Many sites allow visitors to review and rate the products they're selling. Should you follow suit?

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Hand in Hand

If you negotiate well, joining forces with a big firm can be the smart way to get your new product to market.

Reality Check

Even the best execs can blow it when they lose touch.

It's That Time of Season

Sure, it may be summer, but now's a great time to plan for winter sales.

What's New 08/03

Hey, sometimes the big boss needs a little coaching, too.

Creative Juices

Running a juice bar gives one couple endless options.

Down to a Science

New inventions make for healthy returns with this worldwide fund.

Under Pressure

Ease tension and get the creative juices up and running again.

What a Relief!

Thanks to a recently enacted tax law, you may be able to deduct 100 percent of your equipment costs.