Entrepreneur Magazine: November 2003

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Beyond Their Years

These entrepreneurs have it all: Brains, business savvy and millions of dollars. Find out what you can learn from the best and the brightest America has to offer.

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The right licensing agreement can be the missing piece of the big-business puzzle.

Spilling the Beans?

Learn how to reveal just enough about your business idea to get the help you need.

I'm With the Band

When an entrepreneur helps unknown bands find a place with TV and film producers, everybody wins.

Cold Feet?

As it becomes harder to turn back, our franchisees get a taste of buyer's remorse.

What's New 11/03

See Spot play . . . at a day camp.

Golden Opportunity

Giving new meaning to the term "senior care"

Class of Their Own

When it came to finding a child-care center for their daughter, this couple took matters into their own hands.

Taxing Matters

Come tax time, you'll be glad you decided to start your own homebased business.

Server With a Smile

Is it time to invest in an on-site, business-friendly server?