Entrepreneur Magazine: January 2004

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25th Annual Franchise 500®

Our comprehensive listing of the best the franchise world has to offer

Where the Money Is

The path to financing a franchise may not be easy. But if you know what lenders are looking for, you'll be well on your way.

Top Dollar

The lure of the "less than a buck" stores

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About Face

The face of entrepreneurship has evolved over the years, and today, it's dramatically different. But what will the entrepreneur of the future look like?

Happy Returns

Retaining your customers is a lot less expensive than getting new ones. So how do you keep them coming back for more?

Testing the Waters

Want to get an idea of how prospective employees may perform on the job? Use a situational interview, and take them on a test run.

Six Degrees

Can who your employees know make a difference in your sales?

Have a Seat

Getting to the office bent out of shape? Your car seat could be why.

Snapshot 01/04

Timothy Askew, 54, founder and CEO of Corporate Rain Inc. (CRI) in New Rochelle, New York

From Zero to Hero

Even the best franchisor has to start somewhere. Subway king Fred DeLuca reflects on 25 years of franchise success.

Hot Disks 1/04

The next best thing to Outlook, CRM gets bigger and better, and more

Feedback 1/04

Letters from our readers