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January 2004

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January 2004

Entrepreneur | January 2004
January 2004
Entrepreneur Magazine

25th Annual Franchise 500®

Our comprehensive listing of the best the franchise world has to offer

Who Ya Gonna Call?

Learn what to do if your insurance carrier goes bankrupt.

Neck and Neck

Being No. 1 in the franchise race has its advantages, but there will always be others nipping at your heels.

Fair Share?

Venture fund operators cry foul over the SBA's bid to get a greater share of their investment profits.

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Money Buzz 1/04

Investing for a good cause, informal investments and more

License to Profit

Could licensing your intellectual property provide the extra capital you've been looking for?

What's Your Type?

Buying business real estate? The legal entity you choose could make a big difference in your tax bill.

Outsourcing Your Payroll

If handling payroll by yourself has become a hassle, maybe it's time to go with an outside service.

Testing the Waters

Want to get an idea of how prospective employees may perform on the job? Use a situational interview, and take them on a test run.

Management Buzz 1/04

The current state of employee salaries, why camera phones might be a danger to your business, and more

Cloning Around

You've read about the companies in our Franchise 500. Now find out how to join them by franchising your own business.

Against Your Will

Drowning in debt? If so, you should know about a legal maneuver creditors can use to force bankruptcy.

Making Peace

If you haven't yet considered mediation as a way to resolve business disputes, here's why you should.

Claim to Fame

Is your product or service claim as provocative as it could be? Find out how to make yours unforgettable.

Give 'Em Space

A well-designed work space, that is. After all, it could make a huge difference in the way your sales team performs.

Marketing Buzz 12/03

Get what you pay for with pay-for-placement PR.

Top Dollar

The lure of the "less than a buck" stores

Back to Basics

Want to create a strong sales foundation? Then keep these building blocks in mind.

Keep in Touch

Be sure to reconnect with your key clients.

Promised Land

More and more American entrepreneurs are embarking on the road to China—and many have already found their fortunes.

From Zero to Hero

Even the best franchisor has to start somewhere. Subway king Fred DeLuca reflects on 25 years of franchise success.

The Big Bang

How franchising became an economic powerhouse the world over

Good as Gold

Wondering what the hottest franchising trends are for 2004? Wonder no more.

Hey, Get a Clue!

Find out why the Uniform Franchise Offering Circular has been a franchisee's best friend for 25 years.

Where the Money Is

The path to financing a franchise may not be easy. But if you know what lenders are looking for, you'll be well on your way.

Staying Alive

How your business can survive the killer costs of workers' compensation

About Face

The face of entrepreneurship has evolved over the years, and today, it's dramatically different. But what will the entrepreneur of the future look like?

Sweet Reward

Web awards give your site a huge boost.

A Long Way

Reflections on 25 years of franchising from <i>Entrepreneur's</i> Editorial Director Rieva Lesonsky

I Want My WTV

Keeping up with current events without leaving your office

Waiting in the Wings

Is the IPO market poised for a better performance in the coming year?

Out With the Old . . . ?

Chambers of commerce will have to rethink their programs-or risk losing Gen X entrepreneurs.

Military Detail

Can your business tap in to the huge market of armed forces members and their families?

Six Degrees

Can who your employees know make a difference in your sales?

Bad Rap

Has your industry got an image problem? Here's how to cope.

It's History

How the spirit of innovation has shaped the nation


Is it time to thin out your management pool?

Change of Address

There's a new Internet protocol in town. Is it time to upgrade?

At Risk

Are entrepreneurial traits a recipe for addiction?

Book It!

Using an online travel site has its advantages for small companies.

Snapshot 01/04

Timothy Askew, 54, founder and CEO of Corporate Rain Inc. (CRI) in New Rochelle, New York

Have a Seat

Getting to the office bent out of shape? Your car seat could be why.

The Extra Mile

Going above and beyond may be your winning business strategy.

What Goes Up

Now there's a new way to track small business's ups and downs.

Growing Pains

Aggressive growth could mean bigger profits-and unhappy employees.

Yes, You Can!

How entrepreneurs stuck to the New Year's resolutions they made for their companies

Fax Attack

This entrepreneur's fighting mad about junk faxes.

Tech Buzz 1/04

Versatile mice for your employees; the next generation of portable display devices

Turn It Up

Learn what your radio ads need to succeed, and get ready to make some noise.

Under Fire

Is it still possible to invest without getting burned?

World Class

Diversity pays off for this global fund.

Power House

New, powerful office technologies are moving into your home to make work a little easier.

Face Value

A cosmetics entrepreneur aims to give customers what they need--a clear complexion at an affordable price.

Need Space?

If your server is filled to the brim with data, a network-attached storage device can help make some room.

It Figures 1/04

Entrepreneurial stress, Web surfing and more

Resources 01/04

Web sites, organizations, events and more to grow your business

Gear 1/04

A printer/copier that knows how to network

Hot Disks 1/04

The next best thing to Outlook, CRM gets bigger and better, and more

Happy Returns

Retaining your customers is a lot less expensive than getting new ones. So how do you keep them coming back for more?

Hold the Fort

Safeguard your networks and PCs from invasions by worms, viruses and other dangerous agents.

Wish List

What do people want most in a cell phone?

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