Entrepreneur Magazine: July 2004

Featured Article

Seeing Green

Signaling the end of the VC drought, several industries have become fertile ground for investors. So what's the best way to find the right investor--even if you're not in one of those superstar sectors? Start with our 4th Annual VC 100.

Slim Down

Sick of your bulky PC? A desktop replacement notebook could be the answer.

In a Nutshell

Something as unexpected as a talking almond could be just what you need to catch the reader's eye.

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Give a Good Interview

You've worked hard to land that media interview--so don't blow your opportunity. Here's how to make sure you get your message across.

Hot Disks 07/04

Portable e-mails, bare-bones compression and more

Spam Uncanned

Why the recent anti-spam legislation isn't protecting you

Come Together

As telecom companies race to integrate wireless capability, mobile calling could get even better.

Gear 07/04

ThinkPad slims down and no-computer-required photo printing

Make 'Em an Offer

Entrepreneurs can save big bucks by bidding for equipment on eBay. Learn which strategies work best.

Thumbs Up!

Rave reviews could be all the advertising you need.

Tech Buzz 07/04

More to Office than meets the eyes, staying current with Web feeds and more

Get Smart!

When using Wi-Fi hot spots, don't throw caution to the wind.