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Entrepreneur Magazine: August 2004

Featured Article

Flight of Fancy?

Launching a high-tech product can be a technical and financial challenge. Try these tips to get yours off the ground.

Asking for It

You can't always get what you want, but chances are better if you learn how to ask.

Smart Ideas 08/04

Two jerseys in one, dry-erase erasers and more

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What's New 08/04

On the auction block

I Spy

One franchisee uncovers hidden potential in a private-eye business.

Hungry for More

With four food franchises on his plate, this owner reveals his recipe for success.

Reality Doesn't Bite

The real world has been treating our "real life" entrepreneur well.

No Such Thing as Free Money?

Will your wish for free money be granted? Don't count on it.

New Attitude

Pursesnickety! prepares to soar with a revamped e-commerce site.

Start the Presses

Publishing a magazine may seem like a dream, but these entrepreneurs made it a reality.

Hot Disks 08/04

Do-it-yourself marketing materials, remote support and more

Passing the Buck

Now you can hand off cellular calls to VoIP and save big on roaming and long-distance charges.

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