Entrepreneur Magazine: August 2004

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Setting Sale

Is your business anchored down by a stale sales plan? Learn how to navigate the 5 biggest sales challenges facing entrepreneurs today, and get back on course.

To a Tee

Saucy shirts are a smart--and hot--statement.

Marketing Buzz 08/04

Marketing during slow news times, rich Web content for less and more

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Eye to Eye

Sending photos by mobile phone is getting easier.

Nobody's Fool?

Health insurance scams target entrepreneurs.

Under Attack?

Think another woman is out to get you? Here's how to watch your back.

Reality Doesn't Bite

The real world has been treating our "real life" entrepreneur well.

No Such Thing as Free Money?

Will your wish for free money be granted? Don't count on it.

Raise Your Voice

A new committee promises to give small businesses a say in accounting standards. But will it help?

Size Matters

Does your product jam a lot of benefits into a small package? Here's how to sell it.


Looks like the economy is finally growing--and guess what's leading the way?

Just "To-Do" It

Having trouble getting organized? Start by getting a grip on your to-do list.