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January 2005

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January 2005

Entrepreneur | January 2005
January 2005
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26th Annual Franchise 500

Who hit #1 in our Franchise 500 this year? Read on to find out.

What's the Plan?

How President Bush's second term agenda will affect you

Credit Card Rewards

Reap rewards automatically when you use credit--or debit--cards to pay recurring bills.

Diversifying Your Portfolio

A lesson in eggs, baskets and diversification

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The Home Stretch

If you're looking for cash to buy a house, your retirement account could open the door.

Little Extras

Get more from your insurance company than just coverage.

Eminent Danger

Cash-strapped cities use entrepreneurs' property to lure big businesses.

In the Jeans

Everyone's mad about premium jeans--and entrepreneurs are making crazy profits.

Tech, Please

"Next-generation CIOs" offer more than just tech advice.

Take It for Granted

Need cash to develop your latest high-tech product? There's probably an SBIR grant for you.

Taming of the Crew

What lion tamers teach us about team management

VoIP Lessons

Learn how to get around potential problems.

Share the Health

When encouraging healthy living, you've got to walk the walk.

In the Lap of Luxury

The luxury RV market is revved up and rarin' to go. Ready to jump aboard?

Meeting of the Minds

Women-specific conferences have a lot to offer.

Catering to Comparison-Shoppers

Will listing your products on comparison-shopping sites boost business?

United Front

Don't look now--you may soon be able to have all types of messages coming into a single inbox.

Extending Your Media Reach

To get the attention of multitasking consumers, position your ad message in multiple media.

Sign of the Times

Are you missing out on this simple, inexpensive marketing tool?

Smart Money

Where to spend your marketing dollars when a product isn't selling

The Fast Lane

A new concept in retail is popping up all over.

The Name Game

You can shield your trade name from being ripped off by a larger company--if it's distinctive enough.

Peering In

Peer-to-peer interviews give you a closer look at how prospective employees will get along with your staff--but be careful whom you introduce them to.

Up in Arms

Prepare for litigation with these weapons of mass discussion.

Falling Flat?

How flat is too flat when it comes to management? You'd better find out before it's too late.

Bucking Convention

Challenging the industry standard of costly cosmetics, e.l.f. says, "The buck stops here."

Would You Like a Franchise With That?

You've decided to buy a franchise. Now comes the real choice--which one? We'll help you narrow down the menu so you can have it your way.

View From the Top

Subway takes the title of the #1 franchise for the 13th time. So what's it really like to wear the crown?

The Inside Scoop

What's it really like to buy a franchise? One entrepreneur dishes up all the details of her journey to open a Cold Stone Creamery.

Get in the Game

Think owning and operating is the only way to get involved in a franchise? Well, we can think of 5 strategies you can use to play the franchising game. Read on to find the one that fits you best.

An American Icon

Some things just say "America," like baseball, apple pie and . . . franchises. Here are 5 big ways franchising has affected our nation.

All the Rage

Wondering what everyone will be crazy about in the coming year? Take a sneak peek at the hottest franchising trends for 2005.

Money Buzz 01/05

The American dream, losing on outsourcing and more

Word on the Street

Scandal-ridden investment houses are leaving gaps in the financial market, and savvy entrepreneurs are jumping at the chance to fill them. How will this trend shape the new face of Wall Street?

Taking Your Business to the Net

If you're getting sick of the same old business ideas, then it's time to go online. The robust e-commerce market is hotter than ever, and it just may be the cure for what ails you.

Resources 01/05

Websites, organizations, events and more to grow your business

Management Buzz 01/05

Keep up to do with COBRA, stop fearing exporting and more

Duck Season

What the AFLAC duck can teach you about getting your message into the minds of prospects

Making Your Case

Think client testimonials are just icing on the cake? Think again. Case studies can be powerful sales vehicles for your company.

No Surrender

Learning to see "no" as valuable feedback can take your sales efforts to the next level.

Marketing Buzz 01/05

Partnering with the big guys, Yellow Page searches and more

It's All in Your Head

Feeling optimistic or pessimistic about the state of the economy? Uncertain times like these can really mess with your mind. Here's what other entrepreneurs are doing to keep it together--and keep moving ahead.

Tech Buzz 01/05

Desktop search systems, the new generation Apple and more

Gear 01/05

Internet sharing solutions and handheld PCs

Hot Disks 01/05

Digital sketch pad, personalized fonts and more

Come Together

Is it time to combine your voice and data networks? We've got the latest buzz on IP-PBX phone systems.

Half Pints

Wireless routers have the size advantage.


Wireless jacks are the "in" thing for networking.

Opting Out?

Don't want to stick with Microsoft's default browser applications? Here's how to explore your options.

It Figures 01/05

Entrepreneurial cities, hiring plans and more

Get Tough

No more Mr. Nice Guy. If you want to stay competitive, you've got to play hardball.

Take a Peek

What does Congress have in mind for 2005? Go back to the future to find out.

Key Bored?

Innovative alternatives to the old qwerty keyboard

Enter the Wagon

Station wagons aren't just for families anymore. They're making a comeback--and packing a serious punch.

What a Deal!

You can keep hotel costs down--if you know what to look for.

Snapshot 01/05

Rosie Herman, 42, founder of One Minute Manicure in Houston

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