Entrepreneur Magazine: June 2005

Featured Article

Finding International Product Sources

Arm yourself with the information and advice you need for sourcing your product overseas so your effort doesn't get lost in translation.

A Shore Thing?

Many startups are sending jobs overseas. But does offshoring help or hurt business?

Original Win

Learn how to respond to knockoffs so you can put your product back on top.

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Lose That Negative Attitude

Overcome any challenge through the power of positive thinking.

Diversifying Options

How today's campuses are paving the way for minority entrepreneurship

Smart Ideas 06/05

Keepsake board games, secondhand clothing and more

What's New 06/05

Keep your reputation as the life of the party.

Exotic Tastes

Look no further for that island flavor--the food's right here.

Cents and Sensitivity

Selling a business is an emotional event--this franchisee helps ease the pain.

Home Sweet Home

Think it's time to move into an office? Use this checklist to see if you've outgrown your homebased business.

Smooth Sailing

To manage your startup risk, put a plan in place to deal with any rough waters up ahead.

It's a Swapping Success!

Swap meets give entrepreneurs a low-cost way to break into retail.