Entrepreneur Magazine: July 2005

Featured Article

Non-Tech Businesses Can Get VC, Too

Think venture capital is only for the high-tech crowd? Think again. Your low-tech company might be just what VCs are looking for.

Woman On Board

In the boardroom, there's still plenty of room for women.

You're Sued!

If you have employees, you need EPL coverage.

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The Truth?

Your employees <i>can</i> handle it, so just communicate with them, already.

The Heat Is On.

Or is it? A new study shows how your office temperature affects employee productivity.

Getting Carded

SD Wi-Fi cards bring your handheld up to speed.

Projecting Success

Creating a business as your class project can earn you success inside and outside school walls.

Smart Ideas 07/05

Pet manikins, celebrity access and more

It's Your Call

Next-generation cell phones kick mobile technology up a notch.

Stir Crazy

Soup's on for this couple, whose secret startup ingredient was sitcom inspiration.

Rural Renewal

Can entrepreneurs help boost small-town economies?

Sell Buzz 07/05

Honest marketing, free stuff for small businesses and more