Entrepreneur Magazine: October 2005

Featured Article

Expanding to eBay

Boost both retail and e-tail sales by posting your products on eBay.

It Figures 10/05

The cost of complying with federal regulations, wasting time at work and more

Teens Take Over!

No need to be alarmed: The family comes to work, the office is redone, and something's happening at Borders.

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For Better or Worse

Look no further for a business partner. You may already have a perfect match--your spouse.

Less Is More

Think you can't afford to buy a franchise? Well, think again. Check out our listing of franchises for under $50,000.

The Office

Don't let your messy office hold you back--clear the clutter, spruce up the design, and organize the space so it works for you.

Hot Spots

Got the itch to move? Looking to expand? Our Hot Cities rankings are back for 2005 and ready to help point you in the right direction.

Buddy System

Can a great college friend prove to be an equally good business partner?

In the Mood

Warm retailers up to your new product, even if it's in a category all its own.

The Easy Way to Run a Business

Achieve real results in your business by following these practical steps.

Smart Ideas 10/05

Healthy treats for your pet, smoke detectors that talk and more

What's New 10/05

Learning the ropes