Entrepreneur Magazine: December 2005

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Hot Trends to Explore

Get fired up! Ignite your profits with our inside look at the hottest trends and best business ideas for 2006.

Wheels and Deals

The 2006 vehicles hit the road with more power, better options . . . and lower prices.

Defining a Dream

An entrepreneur's knack for decision making and her drive to move forward blend into the sweet smell of success.

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Fighting Chance

Even a co-founder off at war couldn't hold this firm back.

Hire Up

The numbers don't lie--small-business hiring is still resilient.

Holiday Bonus Ideas

Holiday bonuses that really hit it big with employees

Catch Me If You Can

Keep clear of the cold and flu this season by packing smart.

Enter the Center

Seeking stylish boutiques, malls are courting entrepreneurs.

Making Merry

This innovator really lights up a room . . .or a house, or a city.

Tech Toy 12/05

More bytes, less bark

Editor's Pick 12/05

Our favorite tech gadgets and software to keep your business running smoothly