Entrepreneur Magazine: April 2006

Featured Article

Keeping the Good Ones Around

Are you afraid your key employees are ready to walk? Here's what you can do to keep your most valuable players around.

Put Your Best Foot Forward

The do's and don'ts of creating a professional-looking logo

Face Your Financials

Look your lender in the eye, and get what you need with this expert advice for funding your startup.

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The Next Chapter

A brand makeover helps move a bookstore's story forward.

Nothing But the Best

We present the leaders in 109 franchise categories.

What's Your Entrepreneurial Personality Type?

Anyone can start a business! The secret is picking a venture that fits your entrepreneurial personality. Here's how to determine yours.

Extending Your Office

Your must-have guide to the latest technologies for the mobile and virtual office

Keeping Your Business Model Flexible

In today's fast-paced marketplace, your business model has to be flexible. Are you up to the challenge?

Having Trouble Finding Tech Employees?

Why are so many entrepreneurs struggling to find qualified tech employees?

Mental Briefcase

On the road to startup, file away each experience, and use it to help overcome challenges later.

Post Graduate Work

Transitioning your college business into the world beyond graduation

Start an eBay Store

Use an eBay store to set up shop in your own little corner of the eBay universe, and watch sales take off.