Entrepreneur Magazine: May 2007

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Movers & Shakers

Entrepreneurs who rocked our world.

Crafty Cause

Raising awareness for a cause helped this handbag-maker raise her profile.

Pie in the Sky

This website owner is making authentic New York pizza available anywhere, anytime.

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New Lease on Life

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Play It Safe

Protect your business information when you subcontract.

Border Busters

Check out these websites to keep you going global.

You Know Who?

Where to find that perfect new employee? Ask the ones you already have.

Keep Up!

Your business is improving its offerings--and that's a good thing. The problem is, your customers don't always see it that way.

Danger Ahead

Entrepreneurs, don't let employees call and drive.

Girl Talk

One company goes straight to the source to help brands reach their target market.

Do It Yourself

A site to self-publish your content.