Entrepreneur Magazine: June 2007

Featured Article

Sell It!

The bottom line is that your business comes down to one thing: sales. That's why we went straight to the source--the experts, entrepreneurs and even customers--to find out what really works.

Make It Happen

Brainstorming sessions can help you explore new ideas, discover solutions and reach your goals.

In the Fast Lane

Get some attention and speed up your sales with an eBay blog.

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Worth a Visit

With a lot of knowledge and a little money, one man made it his mission to help companies get site visitors.

Off the Hook

An eco-friendly solution to the ubiquitous wire hanger.

Kitchen Couture

A mother-daughter duo looks to the past to turn a kitchen staple into a modern fashion statement.

Get Inspired

Think owning a franchise will stifle your creative side? These companies show how fun franchising can be.

Wind In Your Sales

Your business won't make any headway without stellar sales. Here's all you need to know to grow at a rapid clip.

In the Know

Find out all you can about patents, trademarks and copyrights now--your business will thank you later.

Reel 'Em In

Do you have the right bait to entice investors? Get them hooked--and get money for your business--with these tips.

When in Doubt

In tough times, which comes first: your business or your education? Start by exploring your options.

More or Lease

Don't have the cash for big-ticket items? Look to leasing instead.