Entrepreneur Magazine: August 2007

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Entrepreneur Magazine's Hot 500

Who made the cut as this year's fastest-growing small businesses?

Design on a Dime

Working from home and staying in touch with his former employer helped this designer make the leap to his own studio.

About Face

Bringing in help to grow? Beware of hidden agendas.

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Get into your customers' pockets with SMS advertising.

Back to the Drawing Board

Is your company running smoothly? Then there's no better time to review your business plan and consider what your next move will be.

Exchange-Traded vs. Index Funds

Tried-and-true index funds still rank highest on our list, but exchange-traded funds can add spice to a well-rounded portfolio.

The Land of the Audit-Free

Small businesses are being liberated from SOX restrictions.

Safe Trip

Put your data on lockdown before hitting the road.

That's an Order

Overseas coffee company brings GIs their daily cup of joe.

Searchandising: The Solution in Sales

Show shoppers what they're missing in your search results.

Let Your Network Be Your Guide

Will throwing human intelligence into the mix help this search company come up first?