Entrepreneur Magazine: August 2007

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Entrepreneur Magazine's Hot 500

Who made the cut as this year's fastest-growing small businesses?

Design on a Dime

Working from home and staying in touch with his former employer helped this designer make the leap to his own studio.

The Time Is Now

Yes, you can build a million-dollar business while you're still in college.

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How Do I Raise Funds For a Nonprofit?

Buying bonds from a nonprofit organization lets you show your giving side--and make money, too.

Tired of Waiting in Line?

Save a trip to the post office with the DYMO Desktop Mailing Solution.

Exchange-Traded vs. Index Funds

Tried-and-true index funds still rank highest on our list, but exchange-traded funds can add spice to a well-rounded portfolio.

The Land of the Audit-Free

Small businesses are being liberated from SOX restrictions.

The Ups and Downs of Funds

This thrilling fund is not for the faint of heart.

Creative Snacking

Yummy peanut butter cafes are the best thing since sliced bread.

Hot Wheels

The latest in fun franchising: renting motorcycles to thrill-seeking travelers.

Small Business Owners Risk Identity Theft

Insuring your identity makes it easier to get it back.