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October 2007

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October 2007

Entrepreneur | October 2007
October 2007
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Young Millionaires

Our 2007 picks share their paths to success, strategies for the future and the secrets that propelled them to the top.

Got Skills?

Jim Mousner has a photo of himself at age 5 donning a fedora and carrying a briefcase, playing secret agent. He went so far as to interview with the Secret Service but chose to pursue a different career. His interest in espionage, however, never waned.

Oh, Grow Up

These 8 steps will take your business from awkward adolescent to full-grown adult.

Separation Anxiety

Even if your personal life is in shambles, you can still your run your business.

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Written in the Polls

A crystal ball won't help you predict where the stock market is going, but the 2008 election may.

The Bond That Lasts

The bond that lasts looking for a quick fix for your long-term financing needs? Tax-exempt bonds can do the trick.

I'm Outta Here

With shrinking teams and growing responsibilities, CFOs have it tough these days. What can you do to keep yours from jumping ship?

Pick a Card, Any Card

Cash-only perks are so five minutes ago. Today's Affinity cards are all about creative extras.

Way to Pay

New technologies make buying easier than ever.Cutting-edge advances in smart-card microchips and wireless solutions are giving consumers the option of leaving their cash and credit cards at home in favor of driver's licenses and cell phones.

An Equity Fund of Their Own

As private equity heats up, a new breed of smaller funds is taking center stage in today's market.

Out of the Woods

A company that gives growing businesses the funds and resources to go big? Sounds like a job for Robin Hood.

If You Build It . . .

Successfully marketing your business starts with creating a solid foundation.

New Biz on the Block

Our listing of new franchises offers a fountain of youth--and opportunity.

Dealing Direct

Try direct public offerings as a way to raise capital.

Purchasing Power

Skip the startup and go shopping for your dream business.

Package Deal

Propel your product off shelves with the perfect packaging.

Not a Limited Resource

Check here for the latest stats, events and information channels.

Dare to Dream

Create an "impossible" goal--and discover the possibilities.

Flex Your Muscle

Classic cars show off their high-performance capabilities.

Rumor Has It...

Relying on blogs and fan sites can shed some light on public opinion, but read them with a grain of salt.

Bouncing Back

Eric Morgan, president of Morgan + Co., never thought his New Orleans-based media company would be unable to operate due to a catastrophe.

Make the Connection

It's getting easier than ever to stay connected on the road.

Borderline Issues

All is quiet on the immigration front--for now. But can small-business owners pull together to help bring about desperately needed changes?

Get in Good

If you don't schmooze, you lose--so take these steps to set yourself up for success.

Study Abroad

Investing overseas can be a smart way to diversify, but you've got to know the territory first.

Media Master

Seeking publicity? Learn the art of proper PR, and the press will come looking for you.

Blogged Down?

An internet contrarian exposes the dark side of company blogs but offers some advice on how to stay afloat.

A Safe Bet

If your company's technology could make our country safer, a new federal program may help you connect with potential buyers in Washington.

Get Ready

Send your sales force on its merry way without training and support, and you could be taking a hit in the revenue.

What's Next

Get the scoop on what's up and coming in the technological world.

It's Electrifying

When even Honda can't make a go of its hybrid Accord, it's tempting to write off electric cars as glorified scooters. Can any company make a profit on them? Will consumers ever warm to a ride that needs recharging?

Cool for School

College connections can give your high-tech business an edge.

Isle Style

This entrepreneur is taking beach bum to a whole new level with his high-end, Caribbean-inspired apparel.

Room for Improvement

Want to Take your Wi-Fi network to the next level? Try a draft-n wireless router.

Put it on Autopilot

Make your Global Supply Chain lean and mean.

Tag, You're It!

Tagging content on social sites is serious business.

In the Mix

How to attract--and keep--a diverse management team.

'Twill Be the Season

8 ways to prepare now for stellar holiday sales.

Just Say No

Providing great service is vital to your business, but so is knowing where to draw the line.

Going Zen

Let calm and clarity lead you to higher sales.

New Page Turners

If you're looking for a way to grease your business wheels, check out these informative reads.

Dodge the Deluge

Floods of e-mails have workers everywhere running for higher ground. Can e-mail trainers help stem the tide?

Get Noticed

Want to make your business the center of attention? Take part in an eye-catching event.

Group Effort

How do you create the unforgettable? Being able to direct an army of experts sure helps.

Digital Shape-up

Fitness gurus can now get customized training sessions delivered right to their door.

You're Hired!

One entrepreneur creates an easy system for job searching for those without internet access.

Swell on Wheels

A whimsical ice cream truck makes these tasty treats worth running after.

So Happy Together

New gadgets and old-school tools work in perfect harmony to keep you on the ball.

Get a Social Life

There's still room for success in the social networking scene.

United we Gab

They're here: cell phones that work on both cell and Wi-Fi networks.

Self Defense

Quick reflexes make this security suite ready for anything.

Clean up Your Act

Some tinkering here, some changes there, and your business can be greener in no time.

Do You See What I See?

Customers have all sorts of say in your company these days. Why not let them customize what they see on your site?

Stay Tuned

That set-top box could finally step into the spotlight PCs and TVs converge.

Not-so-little League

Think the big guys control the gadgets market? Think again.

Call Them Gorgeous

Smartphones are looking pretty sharp these days.

Keep Them Posted

When Kim Snider asks attendees of her educational seminars, "How many of you read my blog?" she estimates that 80 percent of the people in the room raise their hands. It wasn't always that way, though.

Without a Sweat

Starting a fitness franchise gave a 19-year professional the motivation to whip his life into shape.

Send Me an Angel

Can you get angel funding to expand your company?

That's Amore

A couple of franchisees learn that dough is a relative term for success in the pizza business.

Fair Fashion

One entrepreneur has used unique clothing style to grow the trend of eco-friendly products.

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