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November 2007

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November 2007

Entrepreneur | November 2007
November 2007
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Growing Strong

Celebrating the growing power of women's businesses, Entrepreneur and the Women Presidents' Organization teamed up to bring you the top 50 fastest-growing women-led companies. Meet our No.1 fastest-growing entrepreneur and find out how we chose our top 50.

Blast From the Past

Everything becomes obsolete eventually. That's why looking back at the past can help you predict the future.

A Franchise Unique by Design

The latest twist in franchising brings together art, business and community spirit.

Power Up

Escaping the general ranks of eBay life requires powerseller status--here's how to get it.

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Find Unsecured Loans and Credit Lines

Our expert tells how to get a bank loan without risking your personal record.

Is China a Stock Goldmine?

Olympics fever hits China--should your investments follow?

Getting Ready for the Public Eye?

As IPOs become viable again, what can you do to prepare your company?

Hire On First-Class Employees

Attract top-notch employees with a 401(k) plan that matches your company's success.

A New Option for Penny Pinch-ING

ING's new savings account is tailor-made for growing entrepreneurs.

How to Give Holiday Handouts

Everyone wants freebies, but you have a business to run. Here's how to manage both.

Find Yourself a World of Investors

Need a VC with a certain je ne sais quoi? An international firm may fit the bill.

Practice Your Money Management Skills

Marketocracy is taking its virtual investing platform into the real world by pooling user advice.

Getting a Margin Loan

Securing a margin loan can mean quick cash for startup, but it doesn't come without risk.

Make Your Business Stand Out

How to market on the web and make your site stand out

Local Flavor

Food with a regional flair can lure loyal locals as well as fans from afar.

8 Ways to 'Bring It'

Drive your competitors crazy while driving your company to success.

To Thine Own Self

Want more investment options? With a self-directed IRA, you decide where your money goes.

Student Counsel

Franchisees make education their business, preparing college-bound students for what's ahead.

Fueling Change

Is U.S. business complacent? Mr. Creativity thinks so.

You Lost Me at Hello

If prospects think you're just like everyone else, let your marketing kit prove otherwise.

When Success Isn't Enough

Business is good, but it could be better. So get out of that rut and take it to the next level--here's how.

Get on the Green

Many a deal has been closed over a round of 18 holes. So why is golf still one of the best ways for entrepreneurs to establish business relationships?

To Women Entrepreneurs and Beyond

Starting the Women Presidents' Organization was the launching pad of Marsha Firestone's success.

Knowing the Power of Networking

Here's one entrepreneur who's pairing well-rounded college students with big-time companies.

Talk Tech

Get in on the latest tips and talk on business.

Eco Cars Go Elegant

A new hybrid is easy on the eyes and the environment.

The Give and Take of Stocks

Tech companies top the list in IPO and M&A deals.

Getting a Passport Pronto

When strict new cross-border rules went into effect in January, passport processing times ballooned from six weeks to 12 weeks. So what happens if you have to travel internationally and you don't have a passport?

Retailers That Play It Safe

At Jackrabbit Toys (jackrabbittoys.com) in Sea Girt, New Jersey, customers are asking more questions since this summer's high-profile recalls of toys made in China.

When Your Equipment Breaks Down

If it has moving parts or electronic components, it can break. And if it breaks unexpectedly, you can bet that it won't happen at a convenient time--and that it will cost you.

Give Your Neighborhood a Facelift

You've invested everything and built a business you want to stick with for the long haul. Now business is thriving--but what if your neighborhood is dying?

Can Money Cramp Your Style?

Does the promise of huge financial payoffs cramp the creativity of Silicon Valley entrepreneurs?

A Gift for Loquacious Entrepreneurs

Got the gift of gab? In love with your landline? Not a problem for this VoIP superstar.

A Taste of Success

A wine tasting duo make wine-tasking fun for connoisseurs and first-timers alike.

2007 Top Colleges for Entrepreneurs

Ready to get educated? Check out our annual ranking of the top 50 entrepreneurship programs, brought to you by The Princeton Review and Entrepreneur.

A Cheap Ticket to Startup

Strapped for cash? Here are 69 franchises to start for less than $25,000.

Knocking Down Cultural Barriers

Your international employees have common goals, but the cultural divide could foil them.

Get People to Listen to Your Podcast

Want to be heard? Here are 5 simple ways to promote your podcast.

Harness a Hiring Expert

For big-company resources at reasonable prices, call an HR consultant.

Stand Out to Your Customers

Throwing in some extras adds value to your offerings--and brings in customers.

Getting Feedback From Peers

Looking for some support? Put in a little face time with someone who understands.

An Invention that Promotes Safe Driving

Dictation services are hands-down the safest way to take notes while driving.

Selling is Not About You

The more you focus on your customers' needs, the easier selling gets.

Not Enough USB Ports?

Take a look at some of the hottest USB peripherals you may be missing.

A Page Turner

Hot-off-the-press, these management books reveal tips to optimize your business and leadership skills.

Recruiting Employees 2.0

When it comes to finding the best employees, technology can put you on a level playing field with the big guys.

Meet the Jetsons

The high-tech home of the future is in reach today.

Bring Your Biz to YouTube

Put the site to work promoting your business.

A Look at Videocams

Record video, take photos . . . this smartie does it all.

I Want My Author TV

Building book buzz using the written word's worst enemy

The Web is the New PC

PC functions are moving onto the web. Here are the tools you need to make the leap.

Did I Do That?

Make your business stronger by kicking bad habits out the door.

Win Your Startup Capital

A business contest lets wannabe tech entrepreneurs get in the startup game.

Branching Out to New Markets

See what your business is capable of by expanding to new industries.

When Hair Shines, Sales Soar

Venturing deep into the rainforest for an exotic oil may seem crazy, but people are going nuts for this man's hair products.

Smart Facebook Applications for Your Biz

Now that Facebook-based applications can flourish, the social networking site is open for business.

Get Your Collaboration 2.0

Online collaboration is bringing scattered employees together--and platforms keep adding features to get your attention.

Hello Again

Their calling: Finding new homes for pre-owned cell phones.

The Truth About Truemors

Guy Kawasaki dispels rumors about the vitality of social media sites, gossips about his own successful site and explains how you, too, can get in on the social media craze.

Kids Who Care

These four entrepreneurs are making a difference in the world and teaching children to do the same.

Diapers at the Disco

A place where kids and parents can have a good time? Nothing says fun better than disco dancin'.

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