Entrepreneur Magazine: February 2008

Featured Article

Who Wants to Be a Billionaire?

Does your idea of success include more than 6 zeros? Entrepreneurs who have reached the pinnacle of financial success reveal how you can develop the "billionaire mind-set."

Join Forces

Marketing for a charitable cause can benefit your company, too.

Outlook Good

2007 pays off for small-business IPOS. Can you expect the same in your future?

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The Whole Package

Packaging today needs style and substance. You've got to grab consumers' attention but also consider the impact your packaging has on the environment.

Sweet Success

After hitting it big at home, Maribel Lieberman is making her mark across the pond.

Rare Commodity

How some women are working hard for the money.

Toy Story

Homemakers and tech gurus alike will get equal enjoyment out of this product.

Second Skin

Here's how two entrepreneurs scratched their business itch.

Blogging for Dollars

Entrepreneurs are starting to make tidy livings off their blogs.

Making It Work

Vendor relations are key to startup success. Here's how to hit it off.

Cause and Effect

Lisa Knoppe Reed has a very unique work force. "They feel lucky to have a job, and I feel lucky to work with them," she says.

Q & A

Are you really ready to be an entrepreneur? The answer lies within.