Entrepreneur Magazine: April 2008

Featured Article

Work Smarter

With increasingly sophisticated offerings, web applications are a smart choice for any business. You can collaborate, store and save from anywhere in the world. Not sure which web apps are right for you? Here are some of our favorites.

National Small Business Week

Head to D.C. and New York for information and inspiration.

Midas Touch

A model-turned-jeweler discovers what women want--and a successful business.

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Headed Home

In the face of a regional slowdown, Jamie Merida went back to where he started.

He Saw the Sign

A franchisee's success is out there for the whole world to see.

'Illusions' and 'Anxiety'

This month's books can help you avoid myths and channel your stress.

Get Personal

Step away from the computer and give your business that personal touch.

Open Sesame

Cell phone companies are starting to free up their networks. Here's the latest on the liberation.

Shipping 2.0

With a virtual warehouse service, all you have to lose are rent and delivery costs.

Are You on the List?

3 entrepreneurs tell how their companies earned a spot with the in crowd.

Green Machines

It's cool to care about the environment, and technology manufacturers are making it easier than ever for green-conscious entrepreneurs to buy more environmentally friendly, energy-saving tech products.

The Muslim Market

How can you reach out to this fast-growing group of consumers?